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So your favorite color changed seasons?

So your favorite color changed seasons?

You were ordering your favorite blush and you notice something... WHAT! IT IS NOW A YELLOW UNDERTONE?!!?! You were a Bright Winter! This makes no sense! Well... DON'T PANIC. That color is exactly the same as it was, but the system behind it has changed. Here's why.


For those of you who came to know us because of Sci/Art or who bought our makeup when we were using that system, you may wonder why we have moved away from it. While we know that often people invent things to gain greater recognition etc, we can assure you this was not the case. We wish we could have continued to use Sci/Art, but after working on hundreds of faces using this system, we noticed that no matter if they were a True Summer, True Winter, Bright Spring, etc there were people who refused to fit in any box. 


We also noticed that while some colors looked great on people, others within that category just did not work. Since we knew that our colors were spot on accurate to the Swatchbooks, we started to dig deeper into the categorizations themselves. We began to research the reason why not all the color options within the Sci/Art palette worked. We wanted our clients to have a swatch book full of color options, that every one of them was beautiful as well as being able to find their power color or colors, those that were just breathless on them.


ebhues was not something we wanted to come up with, it was something we HAD to. On top of serving people in person, we also assist people all around the world in finding their best colors. We needed to be able to communicate with our clients, we needed a universal color language that no matter where you lived we could talk color by using a code.  We would know where that color lived and how to find each person their best colors within that space. Using this color language helps us create colors as well. Once we know where the colors live we can create endless opportunities for color options that we can test and make sure that they live in the spaces which are most lovely on you! 


Darin spent over 18,000 hours of her own time racking her brain and testing for a system that would work for EVERYONE. What she found meant more work for us, but it also meant that we could talk to people all over the world and know that we could help them find their power colors. So believe us when we say, we didn't want to put as much effort into creating ebhues as we did, but we are THRILLED with the results from doing so. 



Instead of testing a grouping of colors, we test in all 10 color families. There are 10 communities of color. Think of a color wheel and take a walk through each community.  Starting with Red and ending with Red Purple. Within each community exists different hues, values, chromas (or colorfulness) and undertones. We test four main hues (think houses of color in a community) in each color family and also test the light, medium, and deep versions of that color. YES! It is a lot more work for us. This is a more scientific approach to determining your best colors, the art comes in how you use them and exactly which versions of those colors are the most lovely for you per intentional use. But ultimately it is less work because it takes the guessing out of color. It also means we can now expand your palettes, so you aren't limited to a small grouping of colors. 



Darin was a huge admirer and student of the creator of Sci/Art, if she was still alive, no doubt she would have pursued a dialogue to her burning questions. We have complete respect for Sci/Art, and all other color systems. After testing ebhues on hundreds of people, we know that this system works. People who were frustrated with other systems are amazed at how they can now confidently embrace color. We've seen EVERY combination of color groupings possible. ebhues works because it recognizes the diversity of human skins, undertones, and of color itself. It is based in science and is the geekiest method of color analysis available. We even hand paint our swatches to make sure that the colors you get are 100% accurate. 


The DIY kits test using makeup because makeup is designed to go on skin and really shows the difference. While our certified analysts use painted color boards, they are trained to see how these boards affect the way you look. Using makeup is also more cost effective for the everyday person, and is easier to tell the difference if you haven't spent years staring at how colors change the way people look. 



Yes! You can still be in a group. Except your groups will look different. Instead of something like Bright Winter, you can now be in a group with some people as a Power 14, and in a group with other people as an Ambition 21, etc. You'll have 10+ different groups to roll with! More friends! How fun! Best of all, your group can easily access color options with swatches optimized for shopping and makeup conveniently coded for you. You can also join our ebhues addicts secret group on facebook where we give tips and tricks to one another (along with just flaunting your faces). 



Your favorite blush is still your favorite blush. In fact, if you LOVE that color, click on his code and find some matching lipsticks. Maybe even try a less pigmented eyeshadow. For example, if your blush is an Ambition 13, you can find eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, etc all in that code. You will know that they coordinate because they are the same zone, and you'll also know they look great on you because you've already fallen in love with that color anyways. Just be mindful of color saturation etc. If you have questions ask below, and if you want to know ALL your best ebhues colors, then check out these different paths to find them.








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