Our Story

Founded by Darin Wright in 1997, elea blake cosmetics has become the place for eccentric individuals looking to find their own color haven. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee but selling worldwide, elea blake cosmetics is the epitome of a little-big family owned business. Named after Darin’s twins Elea and Blake, our custom mineral makeup line has become recognized as a high quality solution to the difficulty of finding the right colors for your unique skin tones and color concerns. Our makeup line is different than any other company as it is based in color theory and created using a color analysis system by Darin Wright called ebhues.
Ebhues is a color analysis system based off of the Munsell system that utilizes hue families split into scientific segments of color belonging which assist women around the world in finding the colors that make them shine. Our drape systems, both in studio and online, are made to be fun, accurate, and useful in cutting the costs of purchasing products not in your color scheme. Today, ebhues continues to grow into a robust system that paired with our ever helpful Coloristas, will lead a color revolution.