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Darin Wright and elea blake cosmetics

In 1997 Darin started her custom makeup line. She named it after her twin daughters; Elea and Blake. elea blake cosmetics™ was born out of the need to create a makeup line that was representational of the diversity of humanity, something her daughters could feel good in. Early in her makeup artistry career, she learned the difference the right color could make. The twinkle of the eyes, the glow of the skin, a freshness to the face, enhanced sophistication or flirty playfulness was her reward. She had created visual confidence in minutes, the WOW THAT'S ME?! effect. 

With only 10 pigments, she crafted colors by testing on different skins. The changes colors underwent on different people renewed her interest in color analysis. Finding it limited after exploring different systems, she ultimately decided to make her own. ebhues™ is the first color analysis system based in pure color science. It splits hue families into segments of color which assist people around the world in becoming their own personal stylists. The drape system, both in studio and online, is made to be fun, accurate, and useful in cutting the costs of purchasing products - not in limiting your color palette. Today, ebhues™ continues to grow into a robust system that will lead a color revolution and informs the 'smart makeup' that elea blake creates. 


Darin Wright has owned her own business, eleablake, for over 26 years. Her business is named after her twin daughters and began as a skincare-oriented, custom makeup company. As a Colorologist Darin believes in the science of color and the art of using it. Her ebhues personal color analysis system firmly established her company in color theory for a global audience. We’ve got your color! Is her company’s tagline. She puts individuals first and crafts her cosmetics to represent all skin tones and personalities. Her color system gives people the tools to shop color confidently for life whether it be clothing, interiors, or cosmetics.


Darin shares her relentless optimism and hard-learned lessons in the cosmetics industry with her series of books on color. Her first book, Find Your Strength: a Love Letter to Orange, is published and teaches the power of color.


Darin is extremely passionate and has made it her mission in life to advocate for a better future for women and animals. She does this in her personal and professional life. Her hobbies include eating delicious food, spending time with her family, gardening, rescuing dogs in danger, and reading cheesy books involving detectives and cats.

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