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Silverscaping: How To Go 'Grey'

Silverscaping: How To Go 'Grey' People can talk about going grey from an intellectual standpoint, but ultimately the decision is purely emotional. I’ve watched my mom’s journey to being the silver vixen she is for almost two decades. We have worked with countless individuals who have either started their journey due to hers or identified with her because of her silver hair. Everywhere I go with my mom, people literally stop and take photos of her hair as inspiration. This seems wildly dramatic as a statement, but I can recite the entire exchange between her and others from heart. The more urban the environment, the more she gets stopped. There was even a time when she was a top result on Pinterest for her tresses. Despite all this, everyone is going to have a different experience in their journey to what I like to think of as Silverscaping. 

Skin isn’t neutral, green, or blue

Skin isn’t neutral, green, or blue It drives me absolutely crazy to see people using the terms neutral undertone, green undertone, or worse yet blue undertone when it comes to skin. That isn’t alive skin. No one’s skin is any of these things, and while I can forgive neutral as a term (even though its wrong), the other two... JUST WHY?! Are they lying to you? Probably not, but let's face it, you know that there is a lot of wrong information out there. You've experienced it.

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