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In-Person Draping


If you haven’t read through our very extensive about page on ebhues, you may benefit from doing so. It goes into the geeky about why we are so amazingly different than other drape systems! If you're ready to move on to the draping stage here's how it works...


  1. Color Consultation General life, hair, makeup, and fashion. [Actual hair coloring and styling not included]
  2. Color Draping with a certified expert of the ebhues system.
  3. Color Guide that goes over information discussed in your draping along with notes on where you can expand your swatches, available individually.
  4. 36 Handmade Swatches placed in your personalized Swatchbook. Each swatch is created with hand-mixed paint, verified by ebhues trained staff before application. The swatch has a code located on the back that is used to give a scientific definition for that particular color and can be used on our website to locate makeup colors that match that swatch. The swatch will help you find your best makeup colors and is perfect for assisting in finding your best clothing colors and more.
  5. A makeup list that will continue to expand with each color creation that is verified by ebhues trained staff in both makeup and color. You will also have a recipe recorded for your custom blend of foundation.
  6. A full makeup application demonstration, with the convenience of having your colors recorded for you to purchase whenever you wish.



You can do it as a monthly subscription now!

Or all at once at $550 with 55% non-refundable deposit due at the time of appointment. The appointment can be moved to another date with no repercussions, but due to the large segment of time needed to block out – a deposit is required. Requires a three to four-hour allotment minimum.


We also offer a per color method which is $55 per zone. Must pay a deposit to book. Want to try your hand at doing yourself in your own home? Check out our drapes for order.

See some of our ebhues™ after photos!


Your color journey will be a day filled with exciting discoveries which is why we tell those who book an ebhues PCA to plan on spending the bulk of the day with our color experts! When you come in you will sit down with Darin to talk about what your expectations for the draping are, your lifestyle, and what you are hoping to get out of the drape.

Your draping will then commence. A neutral gray hat will be provided for you to cover your hair for the best accuracy in your color complete with a neutral gray smock. The draping takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

After your draping session, there will be a short break to have a snack or lunch (optional). This break allows you to recharge and gives Darin time to assemble your swatches.

You will then get a makeup draping and application to show your colors in action and discuss how to wear them. At this time Darin, or one of her team members, will work with you regarding your color selections and, if needed, make notes on your color guide to better assist you going forward.

Upon finishing your makeup session, you will be given your 36 complimentary swatches with a few extra goodies depending on your color tones for your swatchbook. Your Color Guide will help you stay on your Color Journey. The extras are given based on what metals are required to complete your color catalog. You will also go over your colors, your draping session information, and discuss results and how they can be applied to your life. You can then decide if you want to purchase any makeup, if not we will keep your card on file so it can be purchased at a future date!


Check out our behind the scenes pictures of the swatch selection to get a more intimate view of the process.


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