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Color Analysis for Contemporary Cuties

Color Analysis for Contemporary Cuties

We’ve been doing personal color analysis for over 20 years, and the way we do it has changed a lot. It makes no sense to be performing color analysis the exact same way it was first theorized to work. Why? What other scientific/artistic/beauty technique has stayed the same since its inception? None. 

So yeah we do things differently, but it is because we are obsessed. Seriously, we don’t use that word lightly. When things don’t work it bothers us deeply. We literally stay awake at night problem-solving beauty and color issues. Darin spent many sleepless nights coming up with ebhues™. So that now, and every year, finding your personal colors is easier and easier. 


While the process is easier, the method we use takes more time. We believe you can wear every color. There are 10 color groups according to our scientific mixings, but you need to know the right undertones in each group to look and feel your best. We are consistently tweaking and improving our methods so that you can do less but get more


Unlike other systems, there isn’t a box of colors to grab a rainbow drape from. No, we take it piece by piece. We figure out your personal colors using over 120 unique but hand-painted drapes. If you DIY you ultimately use 160 colors in your investigations. That is not the product of a mind that accepts anything less than perfect. Mixing that many colors was just the start. With ebhues™ there are infinite shades of your colors to choose from and we have a ton of hand-painted, hand-mixed canvas shopping swatches to help give you the tools to live in color intentionally. We are also constantly developing new makeup colors. We are unhinged and unstoppable color machines.  


If you want to understand why ebhues™ was made the way it was, we recommend reading Darin’s book because it is super informative on the why, while also delving into our fervent love for Orange (and the science behind it). 


If this little bio has got you interested in finding out more about our system check out this page. We go into a bit more detail. Want to just skip to the part where you find your colors? We gotchu!


HOW TO DIY | Get a kit to find your colors in your home

GET US TO DO IT FOR YOU | If you’re local to Chattanooga check this out


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