Palette Pioneer

Article number: Palette Pioneer

Sick of seeing gorgeous colors online or in a store, only to buy them and realize they just don’t work for you? That’s why we want to help you cultivate your personal color palette and discover every color space that enhances YOU

We’ll guide you through our color draping process, then give you personalized products + advice based on your results. Why? Because we want you to discover a world of color without the frustration of money (and time) spent on products that aren’t flattering on you!

Basically, it’s the difference between hearing, “That color is gorgeous!” VERSUS “That color makes YOU look gorgeous!” … Which one do you really want to hear? 

So what do you get?

  1. DIY draping kit for one “house” of color (10 houses), so you can know your undertones + depth of color needs
  2. 30 colored shopping swatches (3 per space)
  3. Email tips + advice
  4. Video tutorials
  5. If you've already done a drape in a zone you are going to receive we will substitute with 3 additional swatches (must write in notes when you order)
  6. Free shipping on your swatches order (after you send us your results)

So are you ready to discover a world where color works for you? Become a Palette Pioneer!

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