DIY Fashion Focused Drape

Article number: DIY Fashion Focused Drape

Discover your best hues in all 10 color zones so you can shop confidently and know which color codes across our site will help you find the products to put your best face forward every day.

Once you know your codes, you can expand beyond makeup and surround yourself in your best colors using our shopping swatches, which work for finding everything from your next paint colors, clothing, or even furniture!

*Once you do this drape you can order your shopping swatches here. When you buy 36 swatches you get a complimentary video conference where we can help you choose your swatches. This drape kit DOES include one on one color consultation help via phone (recommended), Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Messenger.

(This drape does not include Skin Twin (for foundation) or lip and cheek drapes. However, armed with the color codes, it makes it MUCH simpler for us to help you find whatever look your heart desires.)

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