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How to find your best colors and why it is important

We all want to know what our best colors are. What if the process was easy? That’s what Darin Wright set out to do in 2013. Color is a tool everyone can use to improve their appearance, mood, and space. ebhues™ helps you accomplish your physical and psychological goals. Whether you find your colors on your own or with an expert, the result is the same. Confidence. 


Does the idea of ebhues™ intrigue you but you aren’t sure what purpose it serves? Here's what it can actually DO for you:

  1. Eliminate clothing that ages you, makes you look sallow or washed-out
  2. Save you from wasting money on makeup, clothes, and paint that doesn't do you justice
  3. Give you all your best colors so you can cut down on shopping time 
  4. Create a wardrobe that will stand the test of time
  5. Help you get through the day using color psychology
  6. Allow you to use color intentionally in your clothing, makeup, home interiors, etc
  7. Stand out in a good way and improve your confidence
  8. Wear fully monochrome (but multiple values) of a color



We have two paths for finding your best colors. One is an in-person visit with an expert. The other is using a DIY kit that is shipped directly to you. We do not offer purely online drapings without a kit because it is impossible to be certain of your draping without a physical reaction. We wish this wasn't true as it would make life easier for us, but unfortunately for now we do need the physical tools. We are ALWAYS available to help DIY drapers though!


To learn more about what an in-person visit is like check out this page.

If you are unable to visit us in Chattanooga, Tennessee check out this page about DIY drapes. 


Both paths use the same methodology but differ in mediums. In-person uses hand-painted canvas while the DIY drapes use makeup. The methodology of both is as follows:

We use light, medium, deep (saturated), and ultra-deep (neutralized) versions of a single undertone in all 10 color groups (Intentions). For example, the diy drapes have 16 colors per Intention. There are 4 undertones per intention and 4 values per undertone. You must win in each value for an undertone to be your best. There will be values that look better on you in all undertones, but there will still be an undertone where every single value will look much better than the other undertones. To look better a color must, perform relatively true (a green should look green and not completely shift on the skin) and improve the appearance of your skin. This may sound complicated but when you have the kit and instructions, the process is straightforward. 


An example of a client doing a DIY drape

An example of a client photo sent to us showing a drape in action. There is a clear winner in this grouping. Can you find it?


This is different than many color systems as we not only believe you can wear every color group (Intention) as long as it is the correct relative temperature (undertone), but we also use color psychology to help you use color intentionally. We know you can wear ALL the values of your winning undertones. We have been able to test our beliefs on countless individuals using the makeup that we have matched to ebhues. Our clients express such enthusiasm for their full-spectrum palettes. We love how they can truly embrace their comfort levels while also incorporating 'stretch' colors. We feel joy when people learn a love of color through their palettes. Color is best when it is as individualized as you. 


Once you find your best undertones in all 10 Intentions, you will then choose your shopping swatches. These swatches help you find your best colors in the ‘wild’ whether for wardrobe, interiors, makeup, hair, nails, etc.  We help you choose them based on your profession, personal goals, and style. They are all in your winning undertones but there are many shades available within your hues. This is where color psychology is also helpful. If draping yourself please opt for the video conference. We want to make sure you are IN LOVE with your palettes. We understand this is an additional step, but we are perfectionists and your satisfaction is important to us.



When people ask me what their best color is I wish I could answer them with one simple word. Once I find someone’s skin undertone in the studio, I wish I could tell them every color that worked for them. Doing this would make me very rich, but it would also make me wrong.


Our system is not the easiest, but it’s the system we feel morally good promoting. It isn’t about making a paycheck for us (though we are lucky to make a living doing what we love). This is the thing I wish people understood. As the daughter of the woman who created it, I can tell you that I’ve seen this woman have emotional meltdowns when things weren’t perfect. She spent A LOT of money and time coming up with ebhues. She did it because she can’t help but strive for answers. It’s what I’ve always admired about my mom. She isn’t stagnant. She is constantly on the search for perfection and helping others (people and animals). This search was and can be difficult, but the thing that keeps her going is pure passion.


I remember when she was doing seasonal color systems. She had a system and mentor she truly believed in. Her mentor had split from the traditional seasonal system and created something with more nuance and complexity that worked for more people. My mom invested completely in this system. After her mentor's tragic death, while my twin and I were still children, I remember driving hours to see the daughter of her mentor. My mom sat with her and tried to help her figure out her mom's methods (ultimately to no avail). I saw firsthand my mom's distress as she realized that what she had invested in, was no longer going to work (more about this in her book). This memory haunts me to this day. It has spurred my own interest in not just learning ebhues but also learning how to maintain the quality of it. I say this because...


Color analysis is not that difficult to understand in theory, some colors work for people and others aren’t as good. In practice, it is sometimes hard to see and is a constant quality control process. Knowing which colors to use, for what, and when is trickier. Knowing which colors to test, creating the colors to test, and even keeping the swatches consistent that people use to find their colors in the world is exceptionally difficult (and emotionally draining tbh). Every single swatch, test board, mineral diy test color, and makeup color is hand mixed, tested, retested, and verified by at least 4 different eyes now. 


For us, the consultation doesn’t end after we find your undertones, that’s just the beginning. We learn about your interests and goals so that your palettes reflect not only who you are NOW but also who you want to be. As someone who used to be considered a true summer, I truly could not resonate with the personality of those colors. Many of those colors were right, but once I got not only more undertones but richer, deeper versions of those colors I felt seen. This sounds absurd but it is something commonly expressed by our clients who have had their colors done. My colors have grown over time and the ones I embrace have changed with life, but my undertones remain the same.


There are times when I analyze someone and a random super-warm undertone is a winner in a sea of cool undertones. I feel my stomach twist and I wonder, does this system truly work? I push down the fear that I may have made a mistake, trust my mom really, and put the eyeshadow of matching undertone on and WOW! The person looks great in it!


We also feel the fear of making mistakes, of doing something that will make our clients unhappy, perhaps selfishly, our reputation is made by our colors and we don’t like being wrong. Long after you’ve left, we’ll go over every moment of that consultation. We analyze what we felt good about and what we should be mindful of for similar situations. We learn so much about our clients and we treasure this information. We do this because we are obsessed with what we do. We do this because we are artists who dabble in science, and we do it because ultimately, we cannot help it.


In a world of rampant greed and dismal opportunism, it is understandable to treat everything with a certain skepticism. So feel free to ask us hard questions. If you’re happy with what you are using then honestly, we are happy for you! However, if you’ve ever wondered why your skin tone isn’t in your palette, or why you can’t wear brown, or why some colors aren’t working for you… check us out. You don’t have to invest in the full system, in fact don’t. For $12 you can find your best color, and we’ll even help you figure it out.



There are 10 Intentions. Intentions are what we call our color groups. The undertones within each color group have a number. These numbers stand for the relative temperature. They are located on the back of your shopping swatch and you will see them on every makeup product under ebhues™ codes.


This is an example of what you’ll see on our product listings and on the back of your shopping swatch.


Strength - Orange

Orange is the color of your skin and contains colors people consider to be ’nudes’. It is your most natural color and the key to natural beauty. We always recommend starting with this Intention. It is the combination of power (red) and energy (yellow). Some people will have more energy in their orange and others will have more power. Regardless, everyone has an orange. We wrote a whole book about this color! You can get it on Kindle for digital or order a physical version here!

orange variations


Power - Red

Red exists without apology even in its softer values. Everyone can wear a red. Wearing red can help you feel commanding and appear unapologetic in your presence. It can denote innocence and power. Cooler reds look more ambitious and warmer reds appear stronger. We recommend this be the second color group you choose to find your best in if you are going color group by color group.

red variations


Ambition - Magenta

Pink is the combination of power and creativity (purple). When you combine your creativity with your drive you pursue your goals. While pink is often thought of as cute, we love how useful looking ‘cute’ can be. There’s a reason this is the second most used Valentine’s day color. Your pink can be more powerful or creative, but everyone can use their ambition to accomplish their goals. We recommend this be the third color group you choose to find your best in if you are going color group by color group.


Creativity - Purple

When you combine ambition and intuition you tap into your inner potential. While many find purple to be polarizing, knowing your perfect undertone can help you manifest your desires. You can be a more ambitious creative or intuitive one. Using creativity is important even for people who aren’t considered to be creative, in fact, it can help you stand out in more analytical crowds in a good way. 


Intuition - Indigo

Indigo can often be confused for blue or purple but touches a deeper part of the psyche. It combines trust (blue) with creativity. This undertone can be very confusing for DIYers as it visually looks very different among the different undertones. Intuition is a great way to trust your goals for yourself and for others to trust your drive as well. Most people are drawn to this color group and it is very popular, especially in the warmer undertones. We recommend this intention to be among the first few you choose to do if you are going color group by color group. 


Trust - Blue

There’s a reason this color is so popular in the medical, financial, insurance, and therapy world. This color group helps you tap into your ability to trust yourself and for others to trust you too. Your undertone can lean more intuitive or balanced, but everyone has a blue for you. Trust (blue) is one of the most popular decor and wardrobe color groups, so discovering your winning undertone(s) in this intention is a wonderful investment.


Balance - Teal

Trust and life combine to create your balance. Teal helps you find the middle ground. Using this color group is a safe, great way to liven up a room, outfit, or look. You’ll still have that trustworthy appearance but with a bit more excitement. This group makes us think of tropical water and clear lakes. If these places touch a special place in your heart, discovering your undertone(s) in this intention can transform the way you see your place in the world.


Life - Green

Wearing green can renew your spirit. There’s a reason why being in nature fills us with vitality, and with your best undertone, you can bring nature with you. Whether you lean more balanced or determined, green is a perfect shade for a renewing space. We recommend finding this intention if you need a safe way to inject some energy into your life. For those who feel a particular kinship with nature, it is a no-brainer, and for those who don’t… It may be a great way to rediscover that relationship.


Determination - Lime 

When a determination isn’t right for you, you can grow to unnecessarily hate lime. In high saturations, this color is dynamic and great for working out. Deep shades are often found in outdoor gear or more earthy styles. Determination combines your energy and vitality to achieve your goals. We love that everyone can sport a lime because having the drive to accomplish your goal is difficult to maintain. If you need a little more zest in your life, we recommend playing with this intention. 


Energy - Yellow

This color group is the key to joy and the fuel of life; energy. Many people don’t like yellow, but that’s because they aren’t wearing the right undertone for them. It’s like trying to use a AA battery when you need AAA. In vibrant shades, it can offer a nice pop of happiness, and for soft shades a gorgeous cream. We make finding your best undertones easy so that you can tap into your inner child. Rediscover the joy of being and embrace your energy!



As practical-minded women, we realize that our terminology may seem a bit out there. However, our skepticism has been softened by years of proof. We have dedicated ourselves to helping others discover the joy of living holistically. That is why we believe not only in skincare-oriented, sustainable ingredients for our makeup, but also in using the whole spectrum of color that is available to you. There was once a time when we believed in boxes, but now we believe in infinite rainbows of possibility. You are so much more than a few prepackaged colors. You are a constantly evolving person who needs different values and saturations to suit wherever you are in life. 


If you would like to learn more about how color can help you live intentionally, we’d love it if you followed us on social media. 


If you are ready to start living intentionally check out the path that fits your time and budget best. Wherever you are, we’ve got your color!

  1. Personal Color Analysis draping 
  2. DIY Drapes

These drapes come with a plethora of assistance: video and blog walk-throughs, emailed advice, and consultation phone or video calls. 






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