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What your colors say about you...

What your colors say about you...

There are many different ways of categorizing people. I like to think about people in terms of the colors they dress in and surround themselves with. In my area, and in my life experience, most people put themselves in true neutrals, lots of blues, beiges/browns, and to a lesser extent green. 

There is nothing wrong with choosing to surround yourself in these colors. For many they are safe colors because they exist abundantly in the world around us. No matter where you are or what season you may be in they are present. Extreme polar regions may not see green as often, but likely it exists in some manner. 
There is a comfort and security in these colors and that leads in many ways to conformity. Blue is abundance. It is the color we are most familiar with. We see the sky, we see the ocean, we see this color consistently. It is as ever present as the need to breathe. Beige and brown is humble, earthy, and grounded. It is our food, it is our dirt, it is our rocks and the bark of trees. It is our skin and it is our hair. It is our security and protection. 

Greenland in the summer

Green while less common than the other two in some areas, is a safe go to and speaks to the ambitions that lies deep within certain individuals. It is health and growth. It is water that we view more skeptically but no less gratefully. It is the leaves in the wind ripe with water and vibrancy. It is a symbol of wealth because its presence implies resources, either in terms of the plants itself or the animals we eat to live. 
So in places of the world where seasons mean change and the colors shift, it is understandable that we may crave something unchanging and stable. We drape our bodies in the colors that make us feel timeless and that say nothing more than, “I am here and there are things I must do.” 
But what if we stopped craving stability? What if instead of sameness we challenged ourselves to change? Life is change. Change is the rule that we are forced to abide by. Some of us fight it and others embrace it without focus. Because I myself have no solid answers just thoughts based on life experience I can only say what I believe...
I believe there is a deep desire that exists within us. Probably so deep that you’d have to be very quiet and very thoughtful for a long time to pinpoint what it is. Truly there are very happy people in this world and I suspect, because neither wealth or beauty is enough on its own, they must have purpose. That purpose can be something you work your whole life towards and only see a tiny result from or it could be something you accomplish early in life and then rest on the laurels of your success. 
So what does color have to do with purpose? 
This could simply be a crazy artist’ ramble, or color can be a symbol. As an artist, I believe strongly in symbols. Symbols are strong enough to join billions together in a goal, even at great personal sacrifice. So while some may think that color is a silly thing to care about, I think cultivating a relationship with it can help reveal things about yourself and inspire you to not only pursue your goal but accomplish it by intentionally using it. 
To do this I think of what color means to me, and it is something I find happens so quickly that I myself barely register the shift.
Blake wearing red flipping her hair
For people who are drawn to red I see them as comfortable blazing a trail despite the obstacles. They are the first people to take a risk. They are bold and attached to their body in a way that is honest and emotive. They remind me of volcanos (though since I've seen one in person I'd say volcanic stuff tends to be more orange). Even dormant, they are churning with energy inside, building something that we cannot comprehend. Red people are creators, they are change makers, and they are destroyers. Without red people there would be no civilization, no community, and no place. 
woman with purple light backlighting her
Purple people are quiet. They see and feel more than others. They think deeply about their place in the world and look for answers to questions they aren’t even positive they have asked. They are the last light of the day, the most vibrant flower that lures us in close, they are rare and beautiful and make us realize that there is more than the big picture. They are comfortable in darkness, but glow in sunlight. Uncertainty is their friend and they make us slow down and reflect. Without purple people we suffer needlessly and without cause. 
artist with yellow inner corner eye
Yellow people are chargers. They captivate others inexplicably. For better or worse they affect others emotionally, physically, and intellectually with an intensity that cannot be explained. Without them the world has no contrast. They are the stars that guide us, they are the sun that warms our skin, they are the moon that reminds us of scarcity. They inspire the start and end of conflicts. They are equally strong and vulnerable, the most likely to be hated and obsessed over. Without yellow people there is no laughter or anguish because the world would be lifeless and dull. 
While I characterized these colors as if a person only exists on that color, what I hope you can use is the idea of them. 
Some days I want to be a volcano. I want to destroy the obstacles in my path by any means necessary. I want people to pay attention because something dramatic is happening. But I can’t stay here long. I personally have a very soft power. While I know this sounds woo woo I truly identify with my best red. It is a red that is cool, like a fire that is about to go out, or even sometimes one so hot it might just go purple or blue. 
Some days I am a purple person. I sit and think about things like what I just wrote. I wonder if anyone will notice my little bloom of flower before I close up again and am merely a green bud or brown shriveled up tired petal. I embrace my inability to know, even if the red, yellow, and orange person inside of me needs all the answers. I feel that for now I can only just be. 
Lastly for the sake of the word count there are days I am yellow (or want to be). I feel a feverish energy in me and I can take on the world. It gives more moon than sun but still I like the way it feels to embrace that battery I know is inside. 
Too often I feel we want to be stable but stability is an illusion. Change is constant. Embracing color can help us embrace the seasonality of being a person. If you aren’t comfortable embracing bold colors that’s fair! There isn’t just one way of being bold. The important thing is to remember that you are unique and to be true to what feels right for your goals or purpose. 
What color are you right now? Do you have thoughts on the different colors and vibes? Let me know!
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