About ebhues

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Sick of seeing gorgeous colors online or in a store, only to buy them and realize they just don’t work for you? That’s why we want to help you cultivate your personal color palette and discover every color space that enhances YOU

ebhues tells people what colors they can wear. Darin Wright, the founder of ebhues and elea blake cosmetics, discovered that everyone has a unique combination of undertones that make them look and feel more youthful. Her scientific notation system, ebhues, is like the periodic table for color! It helps everyone talk about the same color and provides a methodology for finding your very best combinations. Want to know your best colors? Learn how you can save money, time, and look naturally enhanced by finding your best colors. You can visit us, or you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Your colors put your best foot forward, whether that’s at work, cultivating relationships with clients, or out and about in the world.

More specifically, discovering your best colors in each space can help you choose what colors best inspire confidence, what outfit (and/or makeup) is most effective + flattering, what home decor will make a space feel truly yours, and SO much more.



Color is chaotic, confusing, and deceptive. Two lipsticks that look almost identical in packaging can look completely different when applied, so what do we do in this world? Swear off lipstick? Never wear another color again? We don't think so.



ebhues™ is the only personal color analysis system rooted in science, art, makeup, and created with the individual in mind. Though Personal Color Analysis is not new, ebhues™ was created out of a need to give each person THEIR own best colors – defying the standard industry practice of lumping groups of people together to share a standard array of “best” colors.

There was a time when we did utilize this more standard version of Personal Color Analysis at the elea blake® studio, but we (like many) found the color groupings were limiting and didn’t provide a scientific framework for understanding color and the "why" behind what looks good.

At elea blake®, our answer to that was to create the ebhues™ system and organize the chaos of color for the everyday person. No longer do you have to wonder if a color will suit you, instead, you can embrace chroma confidently. ebhues™ also represents the evolution of color. It demystifies an experience that, previously, only experts could navigate. In turn, it gives everyone from amateur to expert the ability to find the color in every color family that suits them best. It exists outside of trends, color releases, and conformity.

ebhues™ is about you as an individual. It's about embracing the uniqueness that is part of the human experience. Find you color DNA today with our online drapes or an in person consultation to discover a whole new world of color. At the elea blake® studio, we live out our mission each day to give every individual the colors that look best on them!



So what is ebhues™ exactly and how does it work? There are a lot of technical explanations for what the ebhues™ color system is, but basically, it boils down to this: You know how there are days where you do your same morning routine but everyone is telling you how good you look?

Well, that has to do with the color you are wearing and how it is interacting with your skin tone. And, what we have done is create a scientific way to find that color in each hue / color family. Which means that your skin will look its best and you'll look your freshest each and every day.

Check out this video to see more about how this works:

We have two paths for finding the best colors in each hue for you:

  1. Personal Color Analysis draping with Darin Wright or one of our analysts
  2. Online drapes

The best way to find your colors is to schedule a draping with Darin Wright, however, we are aware that not everyone can travel to Chattanooga, TN or book with one of our ebhues™ certified analysts to experience our most extensive draping service. For this reason, we have developed several thorough online drapes for you to find your best tones. These drapes come with a plethora of assistance: video and blog walk-throughs, emailed advice, and consultation phone calls. 



Does the idea of ebhues™ intrigues you but you aren’t sure what purpose it serves? Here's what it can actually DO for you:

  1. Eliminate clothing that makes you look sallow or washed-out.
  2. Save you from wasting money on makeup that doesn't do you justice.
  3. Empower you to select colors in your wardrobe that will make you stand out!
  4. Give you all your best colors so you can cut down on shopping time (and only put on outfits that make you look stunning).
  5. Guide you in picking out colors for your home / office that will have you looking fabulous and make you feel at ease. 
  6. Help you make a positive first impression.



You may have seen that word floating around. Intentions are what we call the 10 different color families. And when you do your ebhues™ draping (in-person or otherwise) we will help you discover your best color within each "house" or Intention of color!

Before reading about each Intention’s characteristics, it is important to understand that each Intention zone houses a spectrum of different “hues” (or what most people understand as “seasons”). Many Personal Color Analysis systems use seasons to differentiate colors based on their undertones and then give an individual one season to stay in. We do not believe that it is the end-all-be-all indicator of what colors you can wear. And, our system proves it time and time again!

While there is the possibility that your colors are all contained in one family, it is more likely that your colors will cross over two families or more. This is because, throughout our extensive research, we have found that while there are two main differentiations in core color identity, warm and cool, a person’s skin tone may be warm but the colors that look best on them are cool. What this means is when a warm skin toned person is looking for makeup colors to wear or more natural tones, they may prefer to wear colors that match their skin tone and therefore are warm. However, when they wish to wear a color that emphasizes their skin tone, they will want to wear cool colors. Keep this in mind when you read about the Intention hues.

The Intentions and the colors they house are:

Power (our red hue). It is called Power in our system because red is most often equated with power, prowess, and boldness. 

Strength (our yellow-red hue). Strength in the ebhues™ system is the infusion of yellow, an energy color, with the color red, a power color. It creates a bold and decisive orange. Strength colors will often be in what many systems term “Spring” or “Autumn” colors as they are pure warm colors, however, it is the hue that makes up almost 98% of the world's skin tone colors. So, even within the Strength (or orange) space, those who need cool tones still have flattering colors to discover.

Creativity (our purple hue). This color is often equated with wealth or in this case, a wealth of imagination and unique approaches to common problems. 

Ambition (our purple-red hue). It is the marriage between Power and Creativity, which offers a path to achieving one’s goal that others may miss. 

Energy (our yellow hue). It is a vibrant warm color with movement and reminds us of the greatest creation of energy, the sun. 

Determination (our yellow-green hue). It is the combination of yellow's Energy and green, a life color. The duo form an alliance that creates ivy crawling forth from urban sprawl and brings to mind the great Jurassic Park motto, “Life finds a way”. 

Trust (our blue hue). It is the color that most calms and placates an individual. In business, it can be used in clothing or room color choices to evoke a sense of confidence and reassurance. 

Life (our green hue). It is the color of growth and renewal. 

Balance (our blue-green hue). It is the delicate balance between Life and Trust. 

Intuition (our purple-blue hue). It is the blend of Trust and the purple of Creativity to form a trust between the individual and their base instinct. 



Like in biology, each Intention's Family in our system is further broken down into the following Genus groups: Pure, Early, Vivid, Subtle, Deep, and Universal.

These Genus groupings show you what to expect from that color in terms of wearability. If you need a certain seasonal undertone in your Dark colors versus your Light colors, the Genus grouping shows you where the color is for ease of shopping.

What is the Light side or the Dark side of Genus groupings? The Light side is comprised of Pure, Early, and Subtle. The Dark side is comprised of Deep and Vivid colors.

The last point to know about Genus groupings is that when a color is marked Universal, particularly in the eyeshadows, it doesn’t mean that it is neither light nor dark. It just means that a person who tends to wear lighter colors can still wear this deeper hue. Everyone needs a mix of color depths to truly create a stunning look.



If you're still reading, you've now got a better idea of how our system tailors individual Intentions / color families instead of sticking you in one "season" with one general group of colors. So now, if you're curious about what all those ebhues™ codes you see on our products stand for, it's easy: These codes are designed to make your shopping experience easier after you've found your best colors. They tell us not just how cool or warm a specific color is, but also the depth (or lack of) in the color, the chroma, etcetera.


So using this example, you have fallen in love with the color Kitschy, whose code is A11d2o. You love the color so much, you want to see what other colors are similar to and/or related to him. This is where you would take the first 3 digits of the code, A11 and insert them into the search bar on our website. Then, when you search, it will filter to show you only the A11 colors, and you can see + read more about them!

You can also go deeper with the code (but don't worry, you don't have to). For example, say you think Kitschy is the best lipstick you have ever purchased. You can then type in “A11d2o”, or the code found on each product under the ebhues™ Color Reference, into the search bar and receive colors that are matched to that product in different forms.

You can do this to find a blush that matches your lipstick, if you want shopping swatches to find this color in clothing/nail color/paint/ furniture options, or to discover SO much more! Due to the newer nature of this option, you may not find some codes have more options on our website than others. If this is the case you can always request a color or you can look in the more generalized zone of A11 and use the Genus groupings to filter your results.

We could continue to talk about color for SO much longer, but we'd rather answer your questions first!

Interested in unlocking your world of color? Give us a call at 423-266-6222 or get more info here!