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ebhues™ certification program

We are so happy that you are interested in becoming an analyst. We value everyone's time highly, and know that exploring a new system can be daunting. We see clients regularly and therefore only provide training for people who have what it takes to be a great analyst. To ensure that everyone's time is respected we require you to complete the DIY Drape at home and prove your results to us.



We do this because reading your own results is incredibly difficult and the DIY drapes are much more difficult than the boards. Being able to analyze yourself using this kit accurately (as our clients are able to do as well), proves that you have what it takes to be an analyst and puts you in our training group. We know at this point you GET our difference and will be able to empathize and serve clients to a superb level we expect.

Our clients ALWAYS come first, we want to make sure ebhues is a reliable, perfect system. That means, we only want the best to be given this experience. Let us know if you have questions. The below comes after you pass the test. We only allow one analyst per major city, but can waive this if you wish to work as a team with someone. 


DID YOU COMPLETE THE DIY DRAPE? Are you ready for the next steps? Email [email protected] with the heading : ebhues Results Analyst Test. Be sure to include;

1. Your results in each grouping with notes

2. pictures of the full line up of swatches on your arms in natural light labeled.

3. Bonus points for eyeshadow looks in your winning results.


You will have a 2-day hands-on training course for $2000 covering:

  1. Color Theory and application of colors
  2. Hue = Value + Chroma
  3. Tints, Tones, & Shades
  4. Warm and cool colors (Relative)
  5. Warm and cool colors (Perceived)
  6. Practical use of undertones
  7. Hands-on color consultation for wardrobe, makeup, & interiors
  8. Person to person draping on several models
  9. Color terms and dialogue during PCA process
  10. Hands-on color selection based on contrast levels
  11. Selection of custom swatches per client
  12. Creating a swatch wardrobe for your clients per lifestyle/needs
  13. Hands-on color consultation for makeup
  14. Matching foundation and application of PCA results
  15. Identifying the proper tools needed for makeup application per client
  16. Practical application of makeup
  17. History of color analysis and application of knowledge

There will be a practical and written exam and a certificate is issued upon passing. DON'T PANIC. We set you up for success.

For an analyst to remain active and in good standing, they must:


ebhues™ perks

  1. Bio and contact information on our website as an analyst
  2. Wholesale product
  3. Continued support with PCA process, questions, concerns, and tips
  4. Monthly scheduled meetings with Darin or Elea, access to virtual training, and content blogs shared via all social media upon approval of ebhues Marketing Department.
  5. Marketing Materials - branded materials
  6. Refresher courses are available at a discounted rate


Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Checks (must clear before training)


Payment plans: 

10% non-refundable deposit to hold space 

40% deposit due (total of 50% down) one month prior to class

50% balance due 1 week prior to class


Draping Supplies: $5500.00

148 Hand Painted Quality Controlled Canvas Drapes includes:

  1. 120 full-spectrum test canvas (10 hue zones = 40 segments)
  2. Grayscale value test - achromatic test colors (9 drapes)
  3. Red extension set 1 - chroma testing (12 drapes)
  4. Red extension set 2 - unique split zone test (4 drapes)
  5. Metallics selector test canvas - 7 drapes
  6. Master Analyst Swatch Selector - approx. 770 swatches 


Bridal Whites: $1,240

40 Hand-Painted Quality Controlled Canvas Drapes in each of the 10 hue zones = 40 segments


ebhues™ color theory makeup, elea blake cosmetics® wholesale: $800.00

  1. Hue Lip palette tester - magnet refillable tester wells and 3 lip brushes
  2. Reds - P31,P11,P14,P25,P28,P41,P43,P21
  3. Red Purples - A41,A11,A31,A13,A21
  4. Skin Twin PCA complete testers: 40 colors by hue, value, chroma
  5. Blusher/Bronzer (blush bar 8 colors) PCA testers:
  6. 4 bronzers
  7. 4 blushers
  8. Basic eye color (eye bar 15 basic colors) PCA testers
    2 basic eye colors per hue segment
    3 basic eyeliners deep nearly neutrals for lining & mixing


12 Piece Professional Brush Collection: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Rust Resistant, Eco-Friendly $143.75


  1. Collections are available per hue segments - a la cart ready for retail.
  2. All makeup and brushes are wholesale opportunities for you.
  3. There are swatches available that match canvas drapes.
  4. All swatches are hand-painted. Each has the eb code on the back of the swatch for easy navigation on our website, for the clients' ease and communication with the consultant, and for color scheme selection purposes. Each painted swatch has a color formula that is consistent with the color system and adheres to our quality control standards.


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