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bad scammers

bad scammers I came across something recently about why people make systems that differ from seasonal systems and personally found it hilarious. In this person's mind, the only reason why people split from the established seasonal system is greed. Considering the amount of time, money, and effort it takes to do custom color palettes I feel that this person is operating on some assumptions that quite frankly are just wrong.

Color Analysis for Contemporary Cuties

Color Analysis for Contemporary Cuties We’ve been doing personal color analysis for over 20 years, and the way we do it has changed a lot. It makes no sense to be performing color analysis the exact same way it was first theorized to work. Why? What other scientific/artistic/beauty technique has stayed the same since its inception? None. 

How to SEE Color

How to SEE Color There are many misconceptions about color. One of the most confusing aspects of color is terminology and learning how to refer to what you are seeing. Color is so complex many people may think it is subjective, but there are scientific views of color and artistic views of color. Because art and science rely on one another there is overlap, but it is useful to realize that color can be approached from a scientific perspective. 

Intentional Beauty

Intentional Beauty Why do we wear makeup? The answer is different for all, but in general it's to put our best face forward. We are a different kind of makeup company because we don't just make pretty colors, we make pretty colors with purpose.

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