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What to Expect When ... You Don't Know What to Expect From Color

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  • By Gabrielle Chevalier
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What to Expect When ... You Don't Know What to Expect From Color

Sick of seeing gorgeous colors online or in a store, only to buy them and realize they just don’t work for you? That’s why we want to help you cultivate your personal color palette and discover every color space that enhances YOU. 

It’s the difference between hearing, “That color is gorgeous!” VERSUS “That color makes YOU look gorgeous!” … Which one do you really want to hear? 

Let's be real: Change is scary. And when you've lived in a world of black, white, and neutrals, color can seem overwhelming. 


Are you a warm? A cool? Should you know what those mean or even care? Why can't you just continue to live in the world with your soft pink lip and stay in your comfort zone? Well ...


... You can. No one is stopping you. But if you're here and still reading, it's because some part of you is intrigued. And, if you stick with it, you can unlock a world of color. Specifically, the right colors which will enhance you effortlessly. 



Don't get me wrong, I love a good all black look. But what gives it that casual-chic, rolled-out-of-bed-and-threw-this-on-yet-it-just-happens-to-be-perfect statement is usually the power red lip I chose to pair it with. 


"But you don't understand, when I wear a red lip it looks ridiculous. I feel like a clown. It's too much. Too bold. It's just not for me."


Actually, all of us at elea blake do understand. Because every red conceivable turned a clownish red or inexplicably Barbie pink (in a bad way) on me until I knew what undertones I need in my reds. Specifically, I need the coolest, most blue based reds to avoid my lips turning even the darkest colors too vivid and bright.


Or maybe, you've had the opposite problem and colors just seem to fall flat on you? Regardless of what your struggle is, conquering your color phobia starts with understanding color, so that you can then make color work for you. 


No matter where you are in your color journey, there's always more to discover. After all, it took elea blake YEARS before Darin developed the ebhues system of color. 


So wherever you're at, we all hope you'll consider beginning your own color pilgrimage. Not everyone lives in Chattanooga or has the ability to come to our studio, so we've broken down our pilgrimage into a 11 month color journey. Each month, you'll receive a drape kit for one color family, then 3 shopping swatches from the prior month's color drape. (Plus instructions, a video, and other tips!)


So what do you get?

  1. Please opt-in for the trial so that you can get the best experience
  2. DIY draping kit for one “house” of color every month (10 houses, 11 months), so you can know your undertones + depth of color needs
  3. THREE colored shopping swatches (each month) in the spaces you discover
  4. Monthly email tips + advice
  5. Monthly video tutorials
  6. If you've already done a drape in a zone you are going to receive we will substitute with 3 additional swatches (must write in notes when you order)
  7. A sample kit the last month for value and skin



By the end of the subscription, you'll know which undertone(s) are your best for every single color family: "But wouldn't my undertones in one color be the same across the board?"


If you've talked with any of us in the studio, you'll know we definitely don't believe that is true. That's  what sets ebhues apart from other systems, which group a collection of colors based on one result, leaving you with a limited number of options based on what should work for a wide range of people in the same color space as you. 


Color isn't just about undertones, though. We'll walk you through how much chroma you need, whether vivid, deep, or softer colors are your best (within each color family), and so much more. Why?


Because colors are as unique as the people who wear them. And if you can understand more about color, the shopping swatches will then allow you to unlock a world of color in your everyday life, from your wardrobe to your walls. 


When you know your colors, throwing on that green dress is as effortless as pairing those black and white pieces that never quite make it back on the hanger. 


We can't wait to help you see how every color can be your color. 

So if you're ready to discover a world where color works for you? Become a Palette Pioneer here.



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