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Everyone can wear black, but should you?

Everyone can wear black, but should you?

Everyone can wear black, but black will never give you the same glow that your best colors will.

Even though some people don’t think they can pull off black, the truth is you can. However, if you ever felt it wasn’t your best, you are right. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it all the time. Some people can pull off different values of neutrals (meaning white to true grey to true black) better than others. I look good in true black, but I definitely look better in my deep colors. No matter how lovely a neutral looks on you, it will never give you the same glow that color will!


You can see the gorgeous April above. She is a palette pioneer so these photos were taken a month apart. In these photos, she looks great in both and is wearing the same foundation color. However, in one photo she is wearing her best orange as a shirt (S417) and in the other, she is wearing a true black. In her orange blouse, she looks mesmerizing. Her orange gives her a glow to her skin, and she becomes the beauty that artists write songs and poetry about. In her black, she is still beautiful, but even with her best color makeup, she has a more serious look to her. You may prefer that serious look for certain activities, but we're betting you'll want the dynamism that inspires art on a day to day basis. 


Wearing color changes the way others, even cameras, ‘see’ you. We advocate for an intentional approach to color, and we believe that everyone can wear color. You can wear any of the main ten color spaces, as long as you are wearing the correct undertone for you.


Wearing black is easy and no one should get rid of their staples, but incorporating your right color will always give your skin a more youthful glow. Once you experience the lift that the right color brings, you’ll never want to wear all black every day again.


Here is a little color psychology about the colors April is wearing.



Red helps you channel your power. You can take a soft pink or coral approach like April is in her S417 blouse image. Her eyes become extremely alluring and flirtatious in this most passion producing shade. You can also go bold and vibrant like her lip. Her lip color gives off an assertive passion, where a soft pink lip would look more flirty and ‘go with the flow’. These different ideas help you channel your power in different ways. Power (red) can range from a soft cream to a deep brown look.


A light, soft cream red will look very congenial but not very strong. Best for a more every day item that doesn’t need to made a statement.


A rich pink will look playful, flirtatious, and fun. Best for dates, creative types, and to soften seriousness.


A true red will grab attention. A bright red says, “HEY LISTEN UP.” Whatever you pair it with should help you make your statement. Great for people who want to exert their power whether it be in the board room or in a relationship. We like the way someone can use red in a professional manner, but it’s also a great date night look for powerful individuals.


A muted red (her bronzer) has a soft, warm appearance. It gives you a cozy feeling and comes across nonthreatening. People tend to love and embrace these shades in their homes for this reason.


A deep red will look brown to burgundy depending on undertone, and has a decadent look. It is associated with $$$ and power. The deeper you go, the more you will give off a stately appearance. Perfect for cozy, powerful looks that denote strength and security (her liner is an example).



Your skin is orange, no matter who you are. It’s lovely that our skin denotes strength. Rich browns give a wise and expensive appearance, light creams have a soft and fluffy vibe. The bright, chromatic versions like April is wearing, can range from optimistic to attention grabbing (depending on if you wear cool or warm in your orange).


These are your most natural colors, and they can be super diverse in appearance. In general, the way a color reads follows the red formula. Light colors are for soft statements, rich colors for playful impact or to really pack a punch, and deep colors look expensive and stately. However, these are generalizations. Color change have different connotations based on cultural perceptions and the materials prevalent in a culture. I would say to take the ‘gut’ approach to the way a color makes you present. If you look at yourself and think, “Wow I look like a powerhouse” you are probably right. Confidence, wearing your right colors, and the way you put together an outfit makes all the difference. Just be intentional! It can also be good to throw away preconceptions about color because sometimes those meanings are wrong. Basically, make your own rules, but always be aware of the statement you are making. 


If you’ve ever wanted to wear orange or red, you can! Stop stressing about your options and find the right, uplifting undertone for you. Embracing color is easier than ever and our method is the best way to embrace the whole spectrum of possibility! 




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