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When to be mean to color

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  • By Elea Wright
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When to be mean to color

There is a time and place for brutal truths and blind justice, and that place is on your arm when you are testing drape swatches. We get questions all the time like “Did I do this right?”, “If my results are a Power 14 does that mean I did my Balance drape wrong since I got a 21?” Here are some quick assurances (jump below video), and a less quick video walkthrough of what to expect for your drape.


  1. Results per color family don’t influence any other color families. That is why ebhues tests per color. If you were a true summer in the old system, looked at your swatches, and wondered where your skin, natural hair color, or eye color was (noticably missing perhaps) then you might be scared to see that your palette has changed dramatically. NEVER FEAR color science is here to assuage you of your worries. As long as you do the drape right (be brutal) your results are correct. Whether you are warm in certain colors and cool in others doesn’t matter (perhaps warm AND cool in one zone). You’re unique. Throw away preconceptions.

  2. “Hold up… I got more than one number in this color.” Hey! Congrats! That’s a rich color zone for you! It is SUPER common for people to get a couple of BESTS in different color families. Don’t stress. Celebrate.

  3. “I look good in this hue group in this value, but in a different value my best is in a different group.” I know! Color can be tricky that way, but again, if you did the drape process right that is 100% right and not at all uncommon. In fact, in the video above, you’ll see that my Balance had a split family in a different group. 

    balance drape colors

  4. But I really like this color even if it doesn’t look great on me. I get you! I really do. I’m an artist. I love ALL colors, however, when it comes to makeup or clothes there is something that I don’t want… to look sickly or not my best. I mean if I’m not trying to get out of doing anything… :D

  5. “So I didn’t try that one color family because usually I don’t look good in warms”…. I’ll say it now, I’ll repeat 100 times, TRY EVERY COLOR ABSOLUTELY. Remember this is seeing to believe which means you have to see it!


I hope that clears things up. Feel free to give us a call or drop a message any time. We are here for you and you deserve your best colors absolutely. Want to find your personal color palette? Get it here.


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