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Three Ways for the Perfect Shade

Three Ways for the Perfect Shade

Not shade as in protection from the sun or as a clever insult, but your perfect skin match. YES perfect. How can that be? Well it's because we have this amazing color system that is equal parts nerdy and artsy. If you've ever spent too much time blending, layering, using nasty products that break you out, or wondering why stores hate your skin color, we are here to help. Here's three ways to get your shade.

1. Most precise: You could get a Skin Twin Drape. Skin Twin comes with a bunch of foundation colors, a measuring device, and instructions that allow you to mix your very own perfect match. You can also mix up concealers and even natural matte eye colors. This comes as a loose mineral but we also send samples of the base of our enriching liquid foundation for you to feel that we can just mix your mineral formula in.

skin twin drape
2. Second most precise : You could order a Strength eye drape that would allow you to find your BEST oranges whether for makeup, wardrobe, or even interiors, then use the findings to narrow down samples that you can get in that code for $0.75. For example, if you find that Strength 21 is your most natural looking strength then you can input S21 in our foundation colors and all the ones in that zone will show up. The fun part about that is that you can also find your best 'nude' eye look along with doing a one part color analysis
3. Least precise: Think about what foundations typically do on you. Do they go orange? You may need more warmth in your color. Do they go yellow? You may need more coolness in your colors. In our system, Strength 45 foundations are the most red. If you have lots of pink in your skin you could be in this range. This is the rarest group and also the most deceptive. Strength 21 foundations are more peachy. They have some warmth to them but are more cool. This is a popular group. Strength 412 are more warm peach. They have more yellow but not the most yellow. Strength 417 are VERY warm. They have A LOT of yellow in their skin. Sometimes even described as olivey or green looking.
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