Skin Twin Drape

Article number: Skin Twin Drape--Extra Light - Light Medium

Can't find your perfect shade? Don’t fit in someone else’s box. Mix your own skin twin with our scientifically based system that we’ve perfected in our studio for over 20 years to match people of all shades and undertones.

What you get with each drape:
Enough product in each sample bag so you can formulate and test with.

Instructions on how to mix and create.

Measuring Device.

How to do it: Check out our blog for the value chart!

Extra Light - Light Medium foundation colors are:
Theorist, Enthusiastic, Glamorous, Irresistible, Effervescent, Facade, Precious, Stunning, Happy, Avant Garde, Dandy, Fiery, Hopeful, Impressive, Regal, Spunky.
Toners included are: Peaceful, Attuned, Dainty, Beaming, Honest, Pure

Medium - Medium Dark foundation colors are:
Covert, Impelling, Motivator, Hypnotic, Cryptic, Dramatic, Intriguing, Polished, Absentminded, Exhilarating, Inspiring, Tender, Vibrant, Sage, Attractive
Toners included are: Peaceful, Delicate, Beaming, Attuned, Dainty

Dark - Deep foundation colors are:
Charismatic, Magnetic, Unequivocal, Contemporary, Playful, Certain, Spellbinding, Resplendent, Inconceivable, Fearless, Corny, Kibitzer, Sprightly, Clever
Toners included are: Serene, Lenient, Fixer, Peaceful, Delicate, Beaming

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