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Summer Lovin' to Fallin' in Love

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  • By Elea Wright
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Summer Lovin' to Fallin' in Love

Summer is still in the air, but we can feel the changing season approaching. Whether you're back to dropping the kiddos at school or you are sitting in the traffic remembering why you left earlier in your pre-summer days, the fashion is changing colors and we are changing our looks to keep up. While the look I'm about to write about feels very summery, I plan to argue in defense of this look year round.

'Summer' colors that are your colors are timeless colors. While some may eschew pinks for reds and other bold choices such as orange or coral tones to blend with the leaves, some of us want to pop against the lovely backdrop of fall. In preparation for my Maui trip I made up this extra sexy lip palette for myself. It is incredibly versatile and I can go from hot pink, lovely nudes, yummy corals, or sultry reds. The line up I would recommend for a great year round palette for some bold choices is as below.

- A warm red in whatever your most lovely vibrant tone is. Mine is Never Pay Retail

- A warm pink in whatever your most bold vibrant tone is. Mine is Deflection (a color I'm shocked I can wear since I tend to veer into deep colors).

- A cool pink in whatever your most bold vibrant tone is. Mine is I Can & I Will 

- A nude color for a bit more depth than your natural lip. Everyone has a different idea of a nude, but I like to use them for bold eye looks occasionally and also to mix with my more vibrant shades to mute them a bit when needed. Mine is Understanding.

- A deep wild card I went for a deep red (Coy) because I personally love sultry deep reds, but if you are more a pink person go for it! You could also be extra sassy and get galactic eel to deepen all your colors that way you feel more emboldened to go BIG AND BOLD with your choice. You could also do a gloss.


I adore this lip palette. It got me through the early morning to late evening and even athletic activities. I needed only this palette to go with my VERY color wardrobe and found myself mixing and matching with an ease that the Maui residents were quick to comment approvingly on. PLAY. That's what makes lip palette the best value and most fun. To make your own go here and list your desire lip colors in the comments. You can also purchase a set line up here. Feel free to sub with glosses if you are more a gloss gal. 


A few little tips you may want to keep in mind...

While I only have 1 cool lip in my palette, I will want to still have a different blush with this look. I typically stay pretty 'neutral' in my blushes, but I get a complete eye twitch when I see cool blushes with warm lips. While I don't HATE warm blushes with cool lips, they aren't my favorite combo. 


Pro Tip: Type in the code or click on it to find other colors that share that same warm or cool space. For example, I Can & I Will is an Ambition 31 (cool) while Coy is a Power 31 (warm). EVERYONE has a warm AND cool red. 


One last tip... In Maui, I wore my dewy decadence dusted with my loose mineral foundation over it and not a single burn bruised my sweet little face. Just a tip if you plan to be in intense sun sweating all day like I did. 




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