My Custom Blend Foundation

Article number: MCB01--Large

For those of you that have a specially formulated color, your in the right place! If we have tweaked your color here or there or you've been into our studio and we blended a color specifically for you, we have your formula card on file and will be happy to look up your color.  If you have additional ordering instructions please use the comment section when you check out.

Patricia Jamieson 17-07-2018 21:53

I LOVE my new custom blended foundation! The foundation drape was fun to do and easy - if you get stuck, Elea Blake is there to help you. Just call or talk on messenger if you have questions. They are so helpful. I've never had a foundation that blended into my skin perfectly making it look smooth and soft and yet, like I'm not wearing makeup! So much money will be saved from constantly trying to find the perfect foundation. I found mine at Elea Blake!

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