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New Year, New Ways to Think About Color

New Year, New Ways to Think About Color

This year is going to be different! We say it every year, but are we always striving to make it happen? Maybe that first month… Let’s talk about great ways to start thinking about you and making your goals stick… because yes, you do matter.


I’m so guilty of putting my personal health (physical and mental) on the back burner. I’m the girl that waits too long in between hair appointments, but who nags her husband to get a haircut. I used to be bad about buying things for others before buying myself a sweater I needed. My actions didn't help the people I was helping, even though I thought I was the long-suffering saint. I mean, how could I expect my husband to maintain desirable grooming standards when I wasn't even doing it for myself?


The other reason, aside from a misplaced savior complex, why I procrastinated with these relatively simple tasks, was because I’d get overwhelmed trying to figure out 'the best option. What hair color should I do this time? What color sweater would be the best choice for me? Even what color furniture do I really want to commit to? I had analysis paralysis. I’m not saying that everything is 100% easy now, but I definitely have an easier go of it. 



Knowing your unique color palette is a life-changing experience… I’m not being dramatic. We hear from people every day who gush about how amazing knowing their individual color palette has been for them. It has saved them money, time, or just made them feel absolutely amazing. Because knowing your colors is more than outer beauty. It is also about what is inside. Using your entire color spectrum helps you use your entire personality. Whether you are angling for a promotion, wanting to improve your mood (or your child's mood), or hey even seducing that significant other, knowing your best colors matters.


If you aren’t able to travel to chattanooga monthly or ever skip ahead

So we have this new thing where people who can travel to our physical location can subscribe for a monthly consult where you come in, get draped, and find your best undertone in every color. You also get custom shopping tools so that you can walk around with your winning colors, and get a makeup tutorial (if desired). This is pretty amazing because not only are we keeping you on track for ending this year in a most fabulous way, you also get to do so for an extraordinary deal. We recognize that not everyone can pay the full analysis cost all at once, so we wanted to do something because we truly believe that knowing your best colors is the KEY to unlocking all the most wonderful aspects of you! We still offer the full-day experience for people who want to do it all at once too so don’t you worry!



Okay but let’s say you already got an ebhues drape. Maybe you got it all at once and now you’re sitting here wondering, “OKAY like I get this green looks good on me but HOW do I wear it?!”. Whatever your problem, wherever you live, as long as we know your best ebhues palette using our system, we can help you. We LOVE helping people but have noticed our time too split to give that one on one focus we are known for. That’s why we came up with Project: You. Project: You gives you 30 minutes a month to discuss WHATEVER you need to. Of course, we can always schedule more time if you really need to, but we find 30 minutes is usually sufficient. Take things piece by piece. There’s no rush. Doing it this way means that you’ll feel more confident to make color decisions in the future even if you don’t talk to us. After all, we are ALL about giving you the power to make your own choices. BUT we are here if you need us along the way! Available in person or via video conference.



Don’t worry! We have so many tools and tips for you. You may even want to purchase the eye drapes and sign up for Project: You. When you do that we can go over them via video conference and we will help you along the way. We are always happy to look at photos, but the process is definitely easier for us via video. Of course, we are confident in our drape walkthroughs, but everyone can use some help every once in a while. So if that person is you, we got you! You can even choose to skip some Project: You meet and greets and use the credit for Shopping Tool Swatches which will help you take charge of your color confidence. 



Our ultimate goal is for you to be a confident little colorist and to not need us anymore. I mean will we miss you? Definitely! And if you need a little color therapy we love chatting color psychology with you. But someone isn’t going to be around every morning to help you dress for success, so we want to set you up for a year where you actually check off those goals. Don’t delay. 


On a fun note, here is my mom (Darin Wright creator of ebhues) and I talking about hair. YES, we use our swatches to chat hair color. 


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