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Myth: Fair Skin Looks Bad In White

Myth: Fair Skin Looks Bad In White

There are a lot of little fashion sayings that people often share with one another that simply are not true. One of these popular sayings, what we like to call “Makeup Myths“, are that pale people can’t wear white. As Labor Day rounds the corner, this saying may prevent many women from rocking their last white garment before Fall hits. As a pale individual myself, I hear this shared with me as I flip through racks of clothing by fellow pale women, often coming as a hiss after finding a really cute top that only comes in the color white. Sometimes it comes in a murmured wisp of envy when an individual with a darker skin tone walks by with white on, but no matter the form, it’s always said with absolute certainty.

The thing is, it isn’t true.

Pale people can wear white and look fabulous. The problem often lies with the difficulty in finding your right white. Luckily, we actually offer a specialty color service that looks at finding just your neutral colors in our ebhues system.

While many people think that knowing your right white is only useful for getting married, there are actually many uses of knowing your right white. For instance, finding your best neutrals are great for when you are wanting to paint and decorate your home, as inevitably there will be at least a few walls or decor that are neutral toned whites. Then there is the Summer when the heat has you trying anything possible to keep cool, and one of those nice tricks happens to be wearing white. Obviously, there are countless benefits to finding your best whites, and more than just pale people can take advantage of it but we just wanted to expel with that myth real fast.

Don’t believe us, just check out the images for proof – as the saying goes, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

Use a deep liner if you are extra pale and a bold lip to pair with your colors. 

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