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How to use your swatches to shop online

How to use your swatches to shop online

Even though shopping with your swatches in person is super easy, let’s be real… some of us don’t live places that match our style or maybe your favorite clothing retailer has a nicer online presence. In that case here are some tips from Elea and Darin on how to use your swatches to shop online.

  1. Have your swatches with you. Remember we picked those swatches for a reason. They are your friends. While sometimes we can look at something and pretty much guess that is our color, we’ve also had times where we did that and we were wrong (recalls a devastating moment when a top was a P28 and not a P31).
  2. Narrow down the color zone you want to look for first and go ahead and filter results.
  3. When looking at the picture of the product hold your swatches to the screen (yes I know it is weird but it does work).
  4. Is it close but you can’t tell? Yes? Okay here is a trick… Go here… and input your suspected code into the search bar. Say you think it is a P31 as a random example. Once all the products in that code come up look for the one that seems the closest in value and saturation to your outfit choice. Compare them this way to see how your screen is affecting the color.
  5. Analyze the photo for the type of light used in it. Good retailers will take photos in lighting that shows the outfit as true to color. You can also check comments to see if people got the color they expected.
  6. Buy it! It is just like sizing. Sometimes even if you know all your measurements something won’t fit the way you expected. That’s why most retailers have return policies. If it doesn’t have a return policy…. Well… you can always do what we do and gift to a friend we know it will flatter. However, following these steps hasn’t led us astray before. Only ignoring them has caused a wrong purchase *cough* Elea *cough*
  7. Review that product with the ebhues code to help other shoppers (we do it). Sharing is caring!


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