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How to reinvent your look

How to reinvent your look

“How should I do my makeup?” or “What colors should I wear?” The two questions that we get all the time. The interesting thing about these questions is that people already know the answer...

“Why do you dress the way you do?”

Every day you are choosing to look a certain way, so every day you are aware of the choices in clothing you are making. When people reinvent their look, the important thing for them to ask is  “Why?”


In order to change your day to day you have to question why you were choosing that look repeatedly. Usually the reason is comfort. That comfort isn’t necessarily in the way the clothes feel but the way you feel in those clothes. When we dress, we are wearing costumes meant to convey something about us to the world. At elea blake we advocate for choosing that identity. The only way to choose your identity is to know who it is you want to be. How do you want people to feel when they see you?



At ease?






Do you want people to notice you? If not why is that? We believe that everyone deserves to be noticed. There is something amazingly beautiful about you, but as with all things, you can choose to share this with the world or keep it a secret. The key is being able to feel the way about yourself that you want others to feel about you too.


When you feel like you are wearing the right outfit for the right occasion, you are feeling the emotion that is appropriate at that time. In ebhues™ we name the main color spaces after human emotional states


Red is Power

Orange is Strength

Yellow is Energy

Green Yellow is Determination

Green is Life

Blue Green is Balance

Blue is Trust

Purple Blue is Intuition

Purple is Creativity

Red Purple is Ambition


We decided on these attributes with the help of color psychology. While it may be easy to miss the importance of color on emotional response, there is a reason why companies spend thousands, millions on branding using color to inspire actions. We go over how to use your colors specifically in our color analysis, so I’m only going to speak generally.


When you go shopping try to look at what you are wearing objectively. How does this outfit make you feel? Try to block out things people have told you once upon a time. It doesn’t matter what they think right now. Imagine how you feel in these clothes and imagine yourself wearing this. Where are you? How do you feel there? Feeling discomfort about an outfit isn’t always a bad thing. For example, “I look hot in this outfit. Will I look like I’m trying too hard?” This thought is the residue of someone else affecting your decision making. Even if some people might think that you are trying too hard, others may think you aren’t trying enough, still others will think you look fantastic. The one thing that all of these things have in common is that you absolutely cannot control how others feel, but you can control how you feel in an outfit.


You know what people have a really hard time being hateful about? Someone who is completely comfortable with themselves and who embraces who they are. If they do dislike that person, and think of times you have felt like this towards others, it is often because sometimes we are envious of those we aspire to be. We can displace our true feelings of admiration and envy to that of dislike.


So how do you inspire a positive response? Personally, my outfits are chosen based on color and goals for the day. For days when I expect to be standing long periods of time, I like to wear comfortable shoes and an outfit that inspires energy and positive communication. Office days are more focus oriented attire with pops of energy. Special occasions when I go out can include social and sassy choices or contemplative and personal. Regardless of what mood you wish to channel, knowing what colors are best for you can help you.


While it is entirely possible to do well and live well in this world without knowing the colors that are best for you, why would you not want to wield the powerful tool of color if given an opportunity? Think of color as your best friend that is giving you good advice about your day. Think of us as helping you make those friends to assist you with your endeavors in life. We give you the tools and knowledge, and you get to make something beautiful from it.


Want to learn more about getting your colors? If you live in Chattanooga click here. If you don’t live in Chattanooga, TN click here.



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