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Your Natural Colors

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Your Natural Colors

Dramatic and daring makeup can be a blast, but let’s be real, it can be a lot of work. Sometimes we just want to get up and go, but don’t want to leave our makeup routine behind. It isn’t that we don’t look good enough without it, it’s just a matter of feeling better with it. A little makeup can go a long way to making a person look a bit more put together or simply feel more put together!

Here is where ebhues comes in. As we have been toiling away making our swatchbooks we have been slowly draping the elea blake team and using the practical testing of the color science Darin created as a catharsis. With each draping our excitement grows at how easy it makes the job of finding your best colors in makeup, clothes, and life!

Getting draped is the best way to find your natural colors but not the only way, coming in to get your foundation matched is equally great or trying our foundation samples online also works, we just won’t have the more extensive color information for you in regards to your color world and how those colors should appear in them. We are always available for assisting you in your own pursuit of your natural colors with our makeup though and foundation is a great place to start as we have extensive notes on what works depending on what foundation you are!
****Public Makeup Announcement OVER****

Recently Darin draped her daughter Elea to find her best colors and as we are about to see- her best natural tones. Unlike many other color analysis systems, ebhues is designed to find your skin color as well as your best colors for natural looks (among other differences).

A quick walk-through of what we did:


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