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Wedding Color Schemes

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  • By Blake Wright
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Wedding Color Schemes

The most important part of the wedding is you, and the best way to make your color decisions is by using your best colors. Why? Because this decision will help frame you in your best light, and highlight your natural beauty. Here's how to pick the best color scheme for YOUR special day.

So It Begins

You just got engaged and suddenly there are a million different questions you have got to answer from your relatives and friends. When is the wedding? What are you going to wear? Where will it be?

It is incredibly overwhelming.

As I just got engaged this year, your struggle is my struggle. Modern day weddings seem to have a lot more steps and ABSOLUTE MUSTS that you just ABSOLUTELY NEED. A quick way to hack down on a lot of decisions is to begin with a color scheme. 


Why Color Matters

The photographer, the videographer, the makeup artist, the decorator and/or decorating decisions, the invitations, the dress, and the flowers are all just a few major items that are made a lot less stressful and a whole lot easier if you have a color scheme. The people documenting your wedding will really benefit from a harmonious ceremony that uses a well-defined color scheme to emphasize you and your special day. When everything is coordinated it is easier to ensure that your wedding is cohesive and "instagramable". You also want to look your best, using colors that emphasize YOU will help draw that center of attention on the bride, more than it already will be. 


Choosing Your Colors

Envision your ideal wedding, what colors do you visualize, what color are you wearing? If you choose to go with a white dress, the world is your oyster, but if you choose a different color, think of what colors will best accentuate you. The benefit of meeting with a color expert is being guided with the best color options for you. It isn't simply someone telling you what you should do, but you will be told if the color palette is veering into the "violation" danger zone. Getting a color analysis will help your color expert pick out the best options for you, even if you choose a white dress, there are a million different whites that can alter how good you look.

Check out this video to see what it would look like to get a consultation after your color analysis!


If you want to have all your best colors in every hue and have a great color scheme for your wedding, check out our color analysis! It might be the perfect way for you to start your new life with the person you love.


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