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POWER – Get The Look

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POWER – Get The Look

As we say all the time, to everyone who will listen, on any possible platform we can find- color matters! Color connects with each of us on an emotional as well as aesthetic level. Not wearing the right colors or painting the walls of your house the right colors will drastically affect your life whether you realize it or not. That is why we stress everyday how important color is in your life, it creates a first impression, forms a response to an object, affects individual’s moods, as well as accentuates (or diminishes if it isn’t in your color space) the beauty in whoever wears it. We will say it once, we will say it again, your color space is unique and finding it will allow you to embrace that unique quality inside yourself and shine.

When it comes to red, many makeup companies will paint everyone with the same brush of bright red lipstick. If you have ever worn a red that looked pure red on your friend’s lips but did nothing for you then you know that the one size fits all is not accurate when discovering your “power” red color. That is why we use the 10 Munsell colors in the Munsell color circle to create our Intentional groupings and set up ways for you to test what red looks best on you – whether you be local of a world away. Our Lipdrape and Get Cheeky, our cheek drape, to help you find the red that looks best.

Power is our red color. The model in the photo above is a Winter in her Power hue. Power is controlling the uncontrollable, it is the thirst to succeed, and the inexplicable pull that it has on our base instincts. The color red was known to have power over the human eye at many points in history, one of the more amusing being that in 1770, the British Parliament passed a law banning lipstick, which tended to be red, believing that “women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by a cosmetic means could be tried for witchcraft”. Red imbues in the wearer a sense of power, which is why Darin created a Power look that is sultry but also elegant.

Within this color scheme we utilized Winter Driven as the base, Believing on the lower lash line, and Black Out as the liner. Pure was used as a pop in the middle of the eye, with Believing also used on the outer V to add a sultry element.

On her cheeks is Ostentatious blush.

On her lips is Sly.

Her foundation is Private Eye with #18 concealer.

The end result is a lovely makeup look that is both sultry but not over the top, allowing it to remain elegant and powerful!

Model: Savannah Chestnut Photography: Blake Blamalam Photography & Design


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