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Mother’s Day: Passport To Pampering

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Mother’s Day: Passport To Pampering

Mother’s Day is the one day a year we take to really appreciate our mom. In the Wright family, Mother’s Day has a particularly special place in our life. My sister Elea and I would plot on how to show our fabulous mother Darin how much we appreciate everything she has done for us. It was always difficult for us to come up with a gift because there was nothing my sister and I could give that would really show appreciation to the woman who birthed us, raised us, showed up at all our many random school and life events to cheer us on loudly even when she wasn’t suppose to, and also grow a makeup business from scratch.


We, like many of you, knew that our mom was too great a mom to not put forth the effort to find the best gift. That is why, this year, we spent a lot of time thinking what elea blake should offer to those of you that suffer from the same understanding that we do, nothing is good enough for an awesome mom.

With that said, there is something that every mom deserves- a vacation. It is hard to gift someone a vacation though, from the perspective of cost to the logistics of scheduling- a vacation is not an easy gift to give. So this year we partnered with The Strand Salon to create a staycation that can be used whenever! We are calling it the “Passport to Pampering”, the best gift you can give your mom to say “I love you” wrapped with “I’m sorry I am probably part of the reason you never got a sorely needed vacation” with a sprinkle of “You are da bomb”.

The best gifts my sister and I got my mother when we were growing up and even now weren’t gifts per say but adventures that included spending time with mom. That is why we have included in our Passport Pampering program a special deal, each passport you buy after you purchase the first one will be $5 off. So what is this passport and how does it work?

Passport to Pampering

A custom 45 minute facial tailored to your skin needs: Normally $75 reduced to $45 
An eb Makeup application: Normally $50 reduced to $40
A shampoo blow out and style: Normally $55 reduced to $35
Complimentary mimosas

How it works

Those who wish to purchase the Passport to Pampering can purchase one at either the elea blake studio or The Strand salon for a total of $120. If you choose to buy more than one you will get $5 off your additional passports. The passport carrier then can schedule any time that works for them for our services, they can get all of the services done in one day or can choose to break them up. Once a service is used their passport will be stamped so that we know they have used that service! Every passport carrier will get V.I.P treatment from The Stand Salon and elea blake cosmetics! Any purchases that the passport carrier makes will get 10% off as well!

There is no way any child can possibly make up for all the sacrifices and joy that our mothers have given us, but there is at least one way to give her some time to kick back, relax, and feel wonderful about herself!


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