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Intuition – Get The Look

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Intuition – Get The Look

We love color, it speaks a language all people can understand. Sometimes colors vary in meaning depending on your culture, but one thing it does share is an internal response in us all. That is why we stress everyday how important color is in your life, it creates a first impression, forms a response to an object, affects individual’s moods, as well as accentuates (or diminishes if it isn’t in your color space) the beauty in whoever wears it.

The importance in wearing the right color is often glossed over by many beauty companies but it is the essential in looking your best. As many of you have discovered at this point, we are obsessed with color in it’s scientific form, artistic form, and emotional form. That is why we use the 10 Munsell colors in the Munsell color circle to create our Intentional groupings and give them their identities based on our base instincts that link a concept with a color.

Intuition is our purple blue color. The model in the photo above is a Winter in her Intuition hue. Intuition is rock solid, instinctual, built into our very beings. It is what we rely upon when logic and emotion can’t be trusted. It is the mixture of creativity and trust within our gut. That is why Darin has created an Intuition look that is creative but also balanced by natural beauty- focusing on making the eyes shine while softening the rest of the face with natural tones.

Within this color scheme we utilized Winter Drama as the base, Opinionated on the lower lash line with a dusting of Committed over it to soften the color as well as placed Committed on the bone with a light touch. We used Gumshoe as a pop in the middle of the eye and Pure on the upper eye for some softness.

On her cheeks is Ambitious blush, with Attentive used as a highlight.

On her lips is a light application of Quiet Hottie lipgloss with Picky Princess on top to match her natural lip color.

The look overall is dramatic, but it is also grounded with a natural makeup look for the rest of the face so as not to be overwhelming.

Model: Hannah Locke Photo: Blake Blamalam Photography & Design


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