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Get Cheeky In Action

Get Cheeky In Action

We have talked a lot about how ebhues is a hue specific system, but what does that mean?

In order to best explain, we decided a demonstration was in order. Of course each person is different and we weren’t sure if our willing makeup victim would best demonstrate the importance of hue, but we found quite quickly that luckily she was the perfect example.

Before we begin, however, let us start from the most basic point of inquiry.

What is a hue?

Hue in the broadest terms is the main property of the color, but in ebhues, a hue is made up of the following: red, red purple, purple, purple blue, blue, blue green, green, green yellow, yellow, yellow red.

These 10 hues make up our Intention categories. The intentions were chosen based on color psychology, for example, red is power in ebhues while yellow is energy.

So now that you know a little bit about what a hue is, let us talk blushes.

In order to demonstrate the importance of hue, we decided to use our new cheek drape, Get Cheeky, as an example. Of course, pictures are hard to judge as your in-person analysis will be more accurate since variables such as the camera lens reading the face and proper lighting are important distortions in photographs, we hope to at least show you the process and the mentality when judging colors within hues.

We started with the Get Cheeky: Power & Strength pack which is made up of reds and yellow reds.

We began with the Light Side on our victim’s arm using a Q-tip.

From left to right (P31mmu, P14mmu, P43mmu, P28mmu, P41mmu, P11mmu, S45mmu, S42mmu)

You may be asking what the Light Side is and what is the deal with all these weird codes.

Well the Light Side consists of the Genus groups: Pure, Subtle, and Early. The codes are merely codes created for the ebhues system that classifies similar color spaces within each of the hues (the first 3 markings of the code) and similar genus groups (the last 3 markings).

So in the above picture we made the colors fight one another.

From left to right, the first color was nice but seemed rather aggressive on her skin as well as a little too cool.

The second color was interesting, we liked how it rested on her skin and brought a bit of life to her arm.

The third color was too warm and aggressive for her, while the fourth color was rather harmonious with her skin.

The fifth color over was too warm and sat too brightly on her arm, while the sixth color seemed too cool and blue for her skin tone.

The last two were both too aggressive on her skin and were too warm.

So with this in mind we decided to try the second color, P14mmu, and the fourth color, P28mmu) on her cheek to war against one another. It is important to note that the victim had no other makeup on besides mascara (because getting pictures but on the internet requires mascara at the least). We did this because foundation could mess with the way the color plays on the skin.

Left: P28mmu , Right: P14mmu)

With the color on the cheeks we were forced to ask which color brought a bit more oomph. As you can see they both look quite lovely, but the right side (her left) gives her eye a little more brightness and lifts her cheek, while the left side , though natural and lovely- does little to emphasize her features.

For this reason we picked P14mmu as her top choice, leaving P28mmu as a pretty option but not her best option.

Next we moved on to the Dark Side of the pack. The Dark Side consists of the Genus groups: Deep and Vivid.

From bottom to top (P31d2o, P14d2o, P43d2o, P28d2o, P41d2o, P11d2o, S45d2o, S42d20)

It is important to note that you want to give the color a bit of time to sit on your skin, because it will allow the color to change and greatly influence your results.

From the above we found that the bottom color was a bit too blue and cool on her skin and as time progressed became even more blue, the second color up was pretty and the color stayed true as it sat so we ranked him as first on our favorites in this particular batch.

The third color up was too aggressive and warm on her skin, while the fourth color up was pretty but a bit too warm for her.

The fifth color up started off rather lovely but continued to get warmer on her skin and turn more yellow as time progressed, while the sixth color up remained quite lovely and soft on her skin despite it’s heavy saturation.

The last two colors at the top were too heavy on her skin and too warm.

For this reason we picked P14d2o, the second color up, and P11d2o, the third color down, as our top two favorites in this batch of colors.

Left: P11d2o , Right: P14d2o

After applying the colors to the cheek with a dry clean brush, we found that although both looked lovely P14d2o was a little more lovely than P11d2o. We found that P11d2o brought out a little more redness in her skin when applied, while P14d2o emphasized her cheek bone, without bringing out excessive redness in the rest of her face.

For this reason we chose P14d2o as our first choice, and P11d2o as a close second.

Next we fought the Light Side against the Dark Side using our top two favorites: P14d2o and P14mmu.


It was clear to us that our victim was on the Light Side after this test as although the Dark Side color could work as a photography or performance (she is a ballerina) blush, it was too harsh as an everyday lovely blush.

So in the end, after going to the results page we found that her best color in the Power hue was a Light Side Winter in the P14 category. This means that while exploring the website using the Intention color filters, she would choose Power (red box), check the Winter box under the Family category, and check the Pure, Early, and Subtle boxes under genus to find colors in that area. She could also look specifically for other P14mmu colors by typing p14mmu in the search bar on our website (emphasis on the p being lower case).

Now for the Get Cheeky: Ambition & Creativity pack! Starting with the Light Side.

From left to right (A32mmu, A12mmu, A13mmu, A21mmu, A41mmu, A11mmu, C41mmu)

These colors were a little more difficult for us to see as at first very few were actually showing up on her skin. That is why it is so important to give the color a little time to settle, because as it settled we were able to really judge the color. Although, in general, if the color doesn’t show up on your skin initially (as in non-existent) then it probably isn’t your best color.

So judging the colors from left to right.

The first color is nice but as you can see it is a little harsh on her skin and very cool, making the blue in her veins really stand out.

The second color is also nice but again, is a bit more blue and unpleasantly muted.

The third color is rather lovely and give her arm a bit more life to it, while the fourth color is too warm and unflattering.

The fifth color was a color that wasn’t even visible on her skin until about a minute of setting and is way too blue on her skin as is the sixth color.

The seventh color is rather lovely on her skin and gives it a bit of a soft rosy look, while the last color barely shows up.

For this reason we rated A31mmu as our first favorite, second to last color on the arm, and A13mmu as our second favorite, located third on her arm.

Then the cheek test commenced.

Left: A13mmu , Right: A31mmu

Though both of these colors were lovely in different respects, we were drawn to A31mmu on the right side as it brought her cheek upwards and defined her eye a little more brightly. A13mmu was also lovely on her which kept it open as a possibility, but A31mmu made her cheek bones a little stronger.

Even though we ruled out the Dark Side on our color victim we thought we would still show you the colors on her arm for reference as we will be testing our Light Side hypotheses with a check using the Ambition & Creativity pack.

From left to right (A32d2o, A12d2o, A13d2o, A21d2o, A41d2o, A11d2o, A31d2o, C41d2o)

 As you can see, in general all the colors are a bit too deep and make her skin too yellow. However the stand out in our opinion was A32d2o, as it stood out without overtaking her skin.

We applied A32d2o and A31mmu on her cheeks to check out Light Side hypothesis.

Left: A31mmu (Light Side) , Right: A32d2o (Dark Side)

Though the Dark Side is not bad, A31mmu on the Light Side gives her face more clarity along with a gentle lift. The color doesn’t overtake her cheek but softly grace it and it the clear winner amongst the Dark Side.

Therefore confirming that our color victim is indeed a Light Side. However, it is interesting. As in the Ambition category she is a Light Side Summer that looks best in A31 colors. If she were to take this finding to our website she would click on the Ambition color square (red purple), check the Summer box under family, and check the Pure, Subtle, and Early boxes under genus to explore more colors in this area. She could also type in a31mmu into the search bar on our website to find similar colors in this specific color space.

So as you can see, not each hue color space is created equally when it comes to each individual unique person. Different hues may yield different results, and that is okay! In fact, we have found that it is rather normal.

We are all aware that our skin tones are different, even amongst our family members. That is why with each hue there is a new opportunity to find and build upon your own unique color space. Embrace your unique color space and you will find a world of lovely colors waiting to grace your skin!


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