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Bespectacled Spectacle

Bespectacled Spectacle

Wearing glasses has become very stylish. With Zooey Deschanel running around on New Girl making adorably fashionable spectacles with her… well um… spectacles and Eva Mendes showing off her new glasses look after years of staring into the sun, glasses have become cool. Which we kind of already knew to be true. Nonetheless, with glasses now ‘in’, the question of what kind of makeup to wear is at the top of many new glasses wearers minds. As someone who wore glasses in middle school for many years, and decidedly did not look very cool, the question of what makeup to wear and what glasses to don was always a concern for me. So through intensive interrogation of the Coloristas at elea blake cosmetics and a pool of adorable Zooey Deschanel shenanigan-watching experience to pull from I have compiled a list of some simple tips for the bespectacled.

1. Big glasses= thick eyeliner.

Matching your eyeliner to your glasses is a pretty much agreed upon trick in the fashion industry. If you have thick eye glasses then having a thick liner can really make your eyes pop. You don’t want your glasses to outshine you for attention, you want them to accentuate your face. A way to get thick eyeliner for a day look is to use dark colors like Black. Our Black Out indelible is a good comrade, but you can use any mineral color with iLine (or water) or for a little bit of an out of the box look you can use our Tidal Wave indelible to jazz up your thick eyeliner look (this color is a shimmering deep blue). Whatever you do, do not go overzealous on the eyeshadow, which brings me to my next tip….

2. Keep your eyeshadow simple.

Having thick eyeglasses and thick eyeliner will be more than enough to draw attention to your eyes. Instead of going all out and using dark shades for your eyeshadow (which is perfectly reasonable for a night look), keep it simple. A soft color like Cautious  is a good choice. For an even more natural pop, use your foundation with a bit of Pure or your concealer and apply with a thin flat brush (Hide Me). If you have a darker skin tone then a color like Busy Bee might be best for your soft look.

3. Thin eyeglasses= thin eyeliner

If you have thin frames, or in the case of Zoey Deutch, clear frames then a thin line of eyeliner is best. You can still use heavy colors like black, just be a lot less heavy handed when applying. The cat-eyed look with a slight upturn at the end of your eyeliner can really make your eyes pop with thin frames. Since the liner is more thin you can use some more sassy colors, like our Tanzanite indelible (a purple shimmer) or Curacao indelible (light blue shimmer).  Again, even though your liner is thinner, keep your eyeshadow simple as per tip # 2 during the day!

  4. Make those lips do all the color talking.

Since you are (suppose) to keep your eye look a little more natural looking, you are given the chance to really go crazy with color on your lips. Obviously red is the staple go-to when it comes to lip colors, but for those who wish to add a little more adventure try Candy Coated Kisses  for a fun pink or Electric for a daring purple.

5. Contour those cheeks.

How you contour your cheeks is really going to depend on your face shape. In general though, it is best to put your lightest color under your eyes and the top of your cheeks, the T-zone of your face. Your deepest color (bronzer) should be under the chin bones and curve up your face barely brushing your temples. If you have a hard time finding them we recommend sucking in your cheeks and finding the bone that way. Since you aren’t overdoing it on the eyes you can also put a cheery looking blush on your cheeks under your lightest color but not past the top of your lip.

6. Bold Brows

Making your brows bold will really help define your face from your frames. First brush your brows to tame them. Brush upwards at the closest point to your nose and then move the brush outwards towards the high point in your brow, and then move downward to the bottom tip. You can then take your eyebrow pencil, and outline the shape of your eye and fill in the color. Take your brush and repeat the same motion to blend the color in. You can then edge your eyebrows with a lightened version of your foundation for emphasis. If you want to go for a bold look, try using an eyebrow pencil color that is just slightly darker then your hair color.


So those are the basic makeup tips we have agreed upon. We hope that these tips come in handy for those of you who broke out the glasses for fashion and those of you who need them to see alike!

If you tried out one of our tips and want to share with us, we always welcome posts to our Facebook wall or on this blog. Have fun!


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