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How To Viking

How To Viking

The Coloristas at elea blake love to talk about our shows, but unlike most people we get a bit makeup focused. Currently we have been (im)patiently awaiting the upcoming season 4 of Vikings in February. We admire Aslaug’s makeup pictured below even though we are all mostly #TeamLagertha.

Anyway the dark lower lash line look was really enthralling to us so we decided to make a tutorial on the look, for those women who want to look a little more fierce and a little more Viking, check it out!

Viking Makeup Application

For this look, we used a Spring lady, therefore we decided to start things off with a gorgeous color, Disinclined. Disinclined is a lovely Ambition 21 color with a rich purple red undertone rather than a straight brown tone. If you are not a Spring, then you might want to try an Ambition color that is deeper as well in your own tones.

Using the Eye Spy brush, we smudged the color on the upper lash line to create a dark top line like Aslaug’s.

With the same color and brush, add the color underneath to the lower lash line as well.

Then take a blending brush and an angle brush, in this case we used So Acute for the angle, and Tickle Me for the blending brush, and blend the line you did earlier with the blending brush. Then take the angle brush and add Disinclined at an upwards angle from the edge of your eye towards your brow (not all the way to the brow just upwards towards it) ending at the edge of the top of the line you made earlier.

We then added the color Suggestive, a Power 21 color that also appears in our Be Mine Collection, to give the upper and lower lash line more depth along the eyelashes. We used Walk the Line brush and mixed Suggestive with iLine gel as we wanted a deeper more defined line.

As you can see from the hand picture, the left swatch is Suggestive with iLine mixed in while the right is Suggestive without iLine, the gel adds depth and a more defined edge to the color (ignore the weird red discoloration, Adrianne – whose hand that is, was testing blushes on her hand before the tutorial). Add Suggestive in gel form to the lower lash line as well as the upper lash line, only adding it right above or below the lashes.

We then used Brownie Points using the Walk the Line brush as well to the waterline and the outer edge of the top lash line to give more depth and fierceness to the look.

Lastly, we added Keen to the crease to create the top shine that you see in Aslaug’s look using the brush Prize Fighter.

Add mascara and bam the eyes are done.

*NOTE* because the model’s brow ridge rests higher than Aslaug’s we did not choose to add the depth that you see in the photo underneath her brow, but if you have lower resting brows then go for it.

Next we added a soft blush, Whist, to give her cheeks that cold wind hitting her face look that you see in the show.

Lastly, we added Hot Shot to the lips for a MLBB lip color.

Now all that is left is for you to choose if you would like to go out and pillage England or run things while the men are gone.


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