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Pioneer Playbook

Welcome to the color exploration! Below is the schedule of your drape kits. If you skip a month, you will not get that drape, but the next month you will still get the swatches based on your last purchased months results. If you have ANY questions feel free to email us, call us, or join our ebhues addicts facebook group. You will receive an email every month asking you for your results. Make sure you reply to it! We promise this will be the most fun homework you've ever been tasked with.


MONTH 1 - STRENGTH (Skintone)


MONTH 3 - AMBITION (Red-Purple)


MONTH 5 - INTUITION (Purple-Blue)

MONTH 6 - TRUST (Blue)

MONTH 7 - BALANCE (Blue-Green)

MONTH 8 - LIFE (Green)


MONTH 10 - ENERGY (Yellow)



By the end of the subscription, you'll know which undertone(s) are your best for every single color family. 

"But wouldn't my undertones in one color be the same across the board?"

If you've talked with any of us in the studio, you'll know we definitely don't believe that is true. That's  what sets ebhues apart from other systems, which group a collection of colors based on one result, leaving you with a limited number of options based on what should work for a wide range of people in the same color space as you. 

Color isn't just about undertones, though. We'll walk you through how much chroma you need, whether vivid, deep, or softer colors are your best (within each color family), and so much more. 


Because colors are as unique as the people who wear them. And if you can understand more about color, the shopping swatches will then allow you to unlock a world of color in your everyday life, from your wardrobe to your walls. 

When you know your colors, throwing on that green dress is as effortless as pairing those black and white pieces that never quite make it back on the hanger. 

We can't wait to help you see how every color can be your color. 



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