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Choosing the right colors for the right spaces is hard. Even the so-called "safe colors" can make a space look unattractive. The secret to choosing the best schemes is to be mindful of what stays, what type of light you have to work with, and what intention you have for your space. Our color consultants will get to know your goals and will help you achieve them. Here are some different examples of how we work based on the projects we take on. 



Before Colorscaping



how to paint an office



GOAL : Impress and soothe nervous potential clients and encourage a positive mindset. Must also be a pleasant and productive place to work and conduct everyday business. The client wanted to be a more exciting financial business without overwhelming.



colorscaping consultation


PROBLEM : Relatively small space with a diverse gender profile in both clients and employees with a limited range of flooring and trim options. 



office space color


SOLUTION : We coded the hard flooring option that the client loved and made recommendations of the best carpeting for the office spaces that would coordinate with that flooring option without encouraging people to look down (which would make them feel less confident and/or positive). Based on those decisions, we came up with three different wall colors that would help reflect light where needed, create depth and comfort without feeling overbearing, and make an engaging presentation for video conferencing. After choosing the colors, we went into the space and hung painted canvas on the walls so that both the painters and clients would know what to paint where and how it would look. 


Office space colors


FEEDBACK : Not only was our client thrilled at the outcome, and the person who had the space before her, positively shocked by the transformation, but at her open house she was showered in compliments over the appearance of her new office space. 


office space colors help



GOAL : To turn her midcentury modern home with stark white walls into a space that she could feel comfortable yet contemporary. 


PROBLEM : The client LOVES what she refers to as 'HUGGY' colors. These colors are deep and vibrant. Choosing the right colors in these ranges can be a difficult task to undertake as it requires factoring in the light, purpose, and flow. She also had a lot of different artwork that needed to be coordinated with. 


SOLUTION : We coded her flooring and different objects in the room that she wanted to improve the appearance of their existing color (a very cool retro metal kitchen set). From here we picked colors that would suit the space and light needs while imparting that fresh feeling of relaxation. We were aware that our client was a very busy business woman, so we stayed away from colors that were too contemplative or energizing. Her desire was to create a restful place, but not a heavy space. The colors we came up with were designed to balance and awake where needed. 


FEEDBACK : Our client was excited about her individualized colorscape that would change her anonymous home into a place that she could see herself retreating to for some much needed relaxation. Once she has lived in her new colors for awhile, we will give another update beyond the initial excitement of having something she loved but, "Would never be able to pick out myself." 



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