Article number: SUMMER NSFTE6--Large

Secretive is a bluish-purple that is great for a smokey eye look but can also be used as a fun splash of color on the eyelid area. Try him as an inner and outer eye pop. An outward V accent color. An eyeliner or smudge color. A lash enhancement color or simply all over with a pop of slinky or cautious in the middle.

se·cre·tive (skr-tv, s-krtv)
Having or marked by an inclination to secrecy; not open, forthright, or frank.

Family: Winter
Genus: Universal

Color Reference:
ebhues: Intuition 14 - I14m2t
OMSA: Soft Summer 12.3
12 Tone: 6.8/6.9
CMAS Summer 35a

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