Article number: SUMMER Magnaminous NSFTE3--Large

This soft dark purple is the perfect color for a smokey eye and is also great as an eyeliner. Our Walk the line brush will create the perfect tool to apply Magnanimous along the lashes. Also try teaming him up with Loving, Cautious, or even Meticulous.

mag·nan·i·mous (mg-nn-ms)
Courageously noble in mind and heart.
Generous in forgiving; eschewing resentment or revenge; unselfish.

Color Reference:
ebhues: Creativity 31 - C31d2d
OMSA: Soft Summer 1.5 low note (base) high note of 12.3
12 tone: Low note 1.5 (base) high note of 7.8

Family: Summer
Genus: Universal

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