Article number: HEARTFELT

Heartfelt is a soft purple with a strong red undertone and a lovely shimmer. His color square doesn't do him justice as he has many tiers of color within each lipgloss layer.

Family: Summer
Genus: Universal

Color Reference:
ebhues: Power 31 - P31m2r

Rey 21-12-2020 01:00

I’m on my 8th tube of this. You’ve absolutely cornered the market on the perfect shades for us Light Summers. Goes beautifully with Perfection and Gung-ho as eyeshadows. I would echo the other review- please never discontinue this!!!!

RMR 19-03-2020 14:36

I love this color! My coloring is very neutral and I prefer slightly cooler tones. Strong colors easily overwhelm and look clownish on me, especially lip colors. Heartfelt is such a lovely shade combination. Looks very natural, but better. A true gem!
Please don’t discontinue this shade.
Thank you and have a nice day.

5 stars based on 2 reviews