S45 Queen Peach

Article number: Strength 45 eyeshadow kit

Oh my! What a cutie you are with your peachy skin and queenly aura. You tend to be a little sassy but also the sweetest of people. How is that possible? We aren't sure, but we love that about you! Go from a royal undercover to a glamorous queen with this beautiful neutral collection. 

If Strength 45 looks best on you, then you’ll love these five colors to craft looks ranging from everyday natural to a smokey look using your nude colors.

Includes: Innate, Reflective, Private, True to You, and Cognizant

Have fun playing with this set, find your new favorites, then order your must-haves individually when you run low. We can't wait to see what looks you come up with...

Want some suggestions for our favorite looks? Everyone's different, so you'll have to play around to see what works best for YOUR depth and color needs.

But to help you get started...

For a quick daytime look: True to You as an all over eyeshadow with Cognizant as a liner and crease color is one of Gabi's go-to looks when she's running late and wants a natural eye. 

... for an added pop? Throw Reflective in the inner corner of the eye or as a pop in the middle of your lid to add a hint of shimmer.

Want to go bolder? Use Reflective all over the eye and blend Private to create the outer "v" and crease. Take Cognizant as your liner and kick it up into the crease to blend, too. Need to tone the colors a bit? Take Innate or True to You and blend.



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