Spring Warm/Neutral Bright Color Collection

Article number: SPRING N/BSPKIT

Though we don’t utilize the 12 tones system anymore, we still sell these fabulous kits for those who do! Get a lovely array of your 12 tones colors with our kit collection! Designed using the 12 tones palette colors, these colors are made for your color zone/undertones.

These prepared kits have been designed to work for all skins. The small color size choices offer selections for eyes, lips and cheeks. For eyes we choose colors that can work for everyone. Some may use one color as a base and others that same color as an eye liner. The point is that these colors are versatile and offer you endless possibilities. You can layer, blend, or mix and be confident that your creations will be a good fit for you. The kit also provides three blushers that give you flexibility. Again we take into consideration that each of us has a range of skin depth. To keep it simple we range the depth of skin in three categories. Ebony, Ivory, and Everything in between. The blushers chosen can be used as blush, highlight and contour. We also include our amazing tonal bronzers. These bronzers can be used for eyes and cheeks.
As always at elea blake we embrace individuality. If our standard kits do not entice you feel free to shop around and build your own collection.
Eyes: Pure, Amazing, Individualist, Conversationalist, Manipulative, Joyful, Surprise, Unpredictable, Superfluous
Faux Glo: February Love
Blushers: Dishy, Ecstatic, Adorable
Soften: an amazing hi-def finishing powder.
Handy Dandy Pocket Mirror

For more information on sizes visit this page http://eleablake.com/less-is-more/

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