Article number: SUMMER NSFTE1--Small

Real is a light neutral gray that is a great bone or crease color and also a great color to go with if you are going for a more natural eye look. For a classic look try Real and Cautious together. Cautious on the eye lid and Real along the lash line. Frame the eye in with Meticulous on the bone or another mid tone color or just leave it at that. Looks amazing with Hermit like as an eye liner and Charcoal pencil eye liner nestled at the root of the lashes.

re·al 1 (rl, rl)
Genuine and authentic down to earth

Family: Spring
Genus: Universal

Color Reference:
ebhues: Strength 21 - S21m2d
OMSA: Soft Summer 2.3
12 Tone: 2.3

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