Article number: SUMMER NSFTE1--Travel

Real is a light neutral gray that is a great bone or crease color and also a great color to go with if you are going for a more natural eye look. For a classic look try Real and Cautious together. Cautious on the eyelid and Real along the lash line. Frame the eye in with Meticulous on the bone or another mid-tone color or just leave it at that. Looks Amazing with Hermitlike as an eyeliner and Charcoal pencil eyeliner nestled at the root of the lashes.

re·al 1 (rl, rl)
Genuine and authentic down to earth

Family: Spring
Genus: Universal

Color Reference:
ebhues: Strength 21 - S21m2d
OMSA: Soft Summer 2.3
12 Tone: 2.3

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