Power Eyedrape

Article number: Power EyeDrape

Here we have the color game to end all color games. Our eye drape is a comprehensive color game that pits eyeshadows against one another in each of our ten hues. So get ready to find out Hue You Are. Each pack comes with 16 eyeshadow samples in a range of tones, seasons, and depth.

Power is our Red eyedrape. Colors vary from a range of light pink to deep brick red.

R. Kimberley 15-10-2020 21:34

What better way to spend a pandemic than doing my own personal color analysis at home! This was my first eyedrape to try. SO much fun! This was a tricky one for me, as I found out (with Elea's patient help via email and text!) that my color group (P11) is inbetween P14 and P31. I was glad to know that this phenomenon hasn't happened to me only, but Elea has encountered this too: https://www.eleablake.com/blogs/blog/ebhues-eyedrape-in-action/

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