Article number: AUTUMN WTE18-Needy-Small

Needy can go it alone as a base (all over color) but he loves to be needy by his fellow buddies. Try him on the bone with either happy, friendly, hollywood starlet, outrageous, comforting, original, gosh just about everybody. He is also pretty as a toner color to gently add depth to original or private eye. Enjoy!

Color Reference:
ebhues: Strength 45 - S45mmr
OMSA: True Autumn 5.2/5.3 top and bottom notes
12 Tone: 5.1/5.3 top and bottom notes
CMAS Spring 7 d/e

need·y (nd)
Wanting or needing affection, attention, or reassurance

Family: Autumn
Genus: Universal

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