A21 Fickle Finch

Article number: Ambition 21 kit

Want to be more daring but scared to mess up a color? This kit fixes that!

Go from soft and subtle to glamorous and gorgeous. This collection of the coolest, blue-undertone red-purples (pink) is designed with colors specially chosen by us based on how well they work together, meaning you'll always look your best.

Find your new favorites, then order your must-haves individually when you run low. We can't wait to see what looks you come up with...


5 eyeshadows: Narrator, Loving, Disinclined, Whist, Adamant

Ambition 21 Lip Palette: Extraordinary, I’m on it!, Numero Uno, Animated, Ballet

5 blush samples to help you find the perfect coordinating blusher for your favorite look!

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