Uncomplicated 45

Article number: Uncomplicated

Uncomplicated is a collection of fabulous colors for a natural look for those with Strength 45 tones. You know if this collection is for you if you find your best Strength tone being S45 and/or your foundation colors are either Beautiful, Undercover, Strong, Impelling, Springy, Impulsive, or Covert - or any mixture of these colors.

The collection contains 12 mineral colors which can be used as an eyeshadow color, toner, brow color, crease color, highlight, bronzer, and more. There is also one pot of lipgloss included at no cost that is perfect for a natural subtle lip color.

This collection includes the following colors:
Influential, Innate, Penny Wise, Altruistic, Impulsive, Covert, Reflective, Royalesk, Cognizant, Just Browzing 5, 12, and 13.

Kisses lipgloss pot.

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