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Beet it! No not really just had to say it. Ummm this guy is the color of rich deep beets. Red/purple/burgundyesk. Love! Not for the timid. If you gals are looking for a sexy lip liner he's your guy. Seriously don't be afraid though he is amazing with Champion to give him a push to the dark side. We find him a lot of fun once we got over his goth like look. We use him under glosses or as an outline and intensifier for any lip for the day into evening look. Take a leap of faith and try him out you will be surprised. For ivory to everything in between skins he is quite dramatic if used all over for ebony skins he is a deep gorgeous sultry lip.

Family: Autumn
Genus: Deep

Color Reference:
ebhues: Power 31 - P31dd
OMSA: Dark Autumn

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