Sol Goddess Collection

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We believe every woman should look like a glowing sun goddess while tackling life's obstacles. To help you, we've created four palettes that embody the rebel goddess Sol. Each palette includes a pressed eyeshadow/highlight, pressed blush/eyeshadow, and pressed bronzer/contour agent. Our palettes impart that beautiful goddess glow with minimal effort. This is our first pressed collection option, so we are pretty excited about it! Each color is super pigmented, and 20% of every purchase goes to Second Life, which works to end human trafficking. 

Don't already know your undertone? Read the blog.

Orange Undertone:
Choosy, Just Peachy, Reflective
Recommended Lip Colors: Paragon lipstick and Watchful lipgloss

Blue Undertone:
Artistic, Rose Silver, Love Me/ Wary Mix
Recommended Lip Colors: Woe is me lipstick or Peace Baby Peace lipgloss

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