Infinity Pro Kit

Article number: Infinity Pro Kit

The Infinity Pro Kit is 37 stunning cruelty-free lipsticks and 11 lipglosses. The lipsticks are made in a matte cream base. The palettes gives you reds, red purples, all the primary lipstick colors, and toner glosses as well as base color clear glosses and creams. It is the perfect palette to give you infinite color opportunities and quick ready to go pigments for any occasion. Mix, tweak, create.

Makeup artists can use this pro palette to replace almost every lip color in your kit in one easily transportable palette. The kit comes with a ring on the bottom to help keep the kit from slipping from your hand, this palette easily fits in any makeup artist’s kit.

Each kit comes with a lip brush and palette knife for easy mixing and application.

The colors included are:
Unstoppable, Rascal, Extra, Inferno, Beguiling, Uncanny, Esoteric, Snappy, Sultry, Intense, Triumphant, Valued, Scatterbrained, I can & I will, Organized Mess, I got you!, Going Places, Rambunctious, Cosmopolitan, Up to the Minute, Cunning, Scholarly, Fidgety, Wink Wink, Black, Blue, Indigo, Red Orange, Purple, Red Violet, White, Fuchsia, Yellow Orange, Red, Golden Yellow, Green, Sabotage, Adventurous, Knock Out, Belle, Kisses, Refined, Razzle Dazzle, C’est la Vie, Gogo, Gloss, Lippie, and Cream.

The kit also comes with an Infinity Lip Mixing Tool guide to help you best utilize this exciting collection of colors.

Each square can be taken out and replaced when it runs out and has the name of the color on the bottom of the square for ordering ease. Each square is $8 to reorder!

Pro MUA artists / Union MUA artists who are interested in wholesale can email [email protected]

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