Holiday Lip Palette [Silver or Gold]

Article number: Holiday2--Silver

Last year we did an exclusive holiday lip palette and it went like mad. So this year we did another one. There was suppose to be only one lip palette released but the Coloristas had a war over which glitter should be used, gold or silver. In order to appease the team, we made both, but there is a bit of a war going on. Blake and Stacie are big believers that silver will prevail while Elea and Darin believe it is gold that will be the star. Who wins? It doesn’t really matter does it, as long as you get to wear all the most stunning reds you could need for the Holidays!

Both palettes share:
Poisonsettia, Secret Santa, Apple of Eye, and Ms. Claus.

The Gold palette has Good Girl.
The Silver Palette has Belle Bell.

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