Eye Drape


Our eye drape is a comprehensive color game that pits eyeshadows against one another in each of our ten hues.

Here is a video for those who don’t want to read:

If you want a summarization of the video in blog and photo form on how to do the drape check out the Ambition eye drape blog we did! 



What is an Eye Drape?

The eye drape is similar to our previous drapes in that you are using specially chosen colors in different depths, tones, and families to find your best color spaces in each Intention (hue). However, this time we have expanded to all 10 hues for our drape and though the tones vary, they are considered Universals in their respective families due to their versatility when choosing placement.

Why should I do it if I did the Lipdrape and Get Cheeky  (cheek drape)?

Some may ask, is this really necessary, I already did the previous drapes? Our Eye Drape is different from the the previous drape in that it is expansive and focuses on what works best for you on your eyes. Each color space has a different eyeshadow color in varying ranges. Unlike the cheek drape though, the eye drape does not focus on Genus, so light side versus dark side are not pitted against each other. Instead the focus is on which intentional space looks best on you in each hue.

Although there are still Ambition, Creativity, and Power colors in this drape, the results may differ from the Lipdrape in that your lips have pigment to them making identifying the correct colors a more difficult task as colors that work on your arm may vary greatly on your lips. The eye drape works as a way to confirm and build upon your original findings in previous drapes as well as allow you to play in Life, Determination, Strength, Intuition, Trust, Balance, and Energy intentional spaces.

In sum, the Eye Drape is awesome and helps you find your best colors in each hue.

If I get the Eye Drape will I need to buy the Lipdrape or Get Cheeky?

Well you never need to buy anything but it would be useful to you to do the Lipdrape and Get Cheeky as well. The reason is that your lips are a bit of a facial anomaly. Your lips have a different pigment than the rest of your face and they vary greatly from woman to woman. The eye drape also doesn’t account for the light side and dark side that are found in the Get Cheeky drape. It is not meant to discover which side looks best on you but rather encompass all of the intentions that were missed in previous drapes as well as help you discover new colors for your eyes in the intentions you have already used to confirm your findings in other drapes. For this reason, we recommend using all the drapes if you are really interested in learning your unique color space.

Okay… but HOW do I use the Eye Drape?

You will get an instructions card in your package, but you may want to check out the blog post tutorial and/or video [above] we made to help those who are more visual learners!

Where do I buy it?

You can purchase the Eye Drape here: