Cheek Drape


Get Cheeky – Cheek Drape

What is a Cheek Drape?

Get Cheeky is similar to the Lipdrape in that you are using specially chosen colors that have different hues and families, but this time the values and chromas differ.

Why should I do it if I did the Lipdrape?

Some may ask, is this really necessary I already did the Lipdrape? Get Cheeky is different from the Lipdrape in that it isn’t just about the Hue and the Family it is also about the Genus of colors. Our Genus groups are split up as follows: Pure, Vivid, Early, Subtle, Deep.

When you do the cheek drape you learn which side of the color spectrum you fall on, the Light side or the Dark side. The Light side is comprised of Pure, Early, and Subtle. The Dark side is comprised of Deep and Vivid colors. This takes the Lipdrape a step further.

Another difference is that the cheek drape tests colors in one additional hue as well, that of Strength. Although there are still Ambition, Creativity, and Power colors in this drape, the results may differ in that your lips have pigment to them making identifying the correct colors a more difficult task as colors that work on your arm may vary greatly on your lips. The cheek drape works as a way to confirm and build upon your original findings.

In sum, Get Cheeky is awesome and helps you find if you are on the Light side or the Dark side, as well as helps those who find identifying the correct colors on their skin to be a bit tricky.

If I get the Cheek Drape will I need to buy the Lipdrape?

Well you never need to buy anything but it would be useful to you to do the Lipdrape as well. The reason is that your lips are a bit of a facial anomaly. That is why many women that were given original generalized seasonal spaces found that some lipsticks that looked great on their seasonal comrades were not working as well for them. Your lips have a different pigment then the rest of your face and they vary greatly from woman to woman. A color that may look insanely good on your cheeks, may just seem natural and unremarkable on your lips. It won’t look horrible on your lips but it may just not be enough for you to feel like you can really rock it out. For this reason, we recommend using both the drapes if you are really interested in learning your unique color space.

Okay… but HOW do I use Get Cheeky?

The cheek drape is all about the fighting of the colors. We recommend you start with the Light side colors on your arm with q-tips.

You will get an instructions card in your package, but you may want to check out the video [above] we made to help those who are more visual learners!


Where do I buy it?

You can purchase Get Cheeky here.

Ambition & Creativity Pack

Power & Strength Pack