For the Warm Unicorns

Spring is here and we couldn’t be happier. You may be seeing coral cropping up in all the newest clothing, but since we've already done coral lets look at how to blend other colors into the look. For this quarter we are focusing on warming up that winter cooled face with a bit of artificial warmth, no UV rays needed. 
You already know what coral is about, so now it’s time to break out those corals with a new set of tools. Let’s start with the face aside from lips. Check out the video below for a step by step tutorial on your spring look. We’ll even throw in the colors from last quarter, just to show you how you can build.
Dream Girl | Bronzer + Crease + 'v' color
Carpe Diem! | Highlighter + All over color + eye pop
Passive | All over color + eye pop
No Baggage Here | Lipgloss
Spirit | Lip Pencil
HINT: When you do your makeup, make sure you have in the back of your mind that we are all created differently. Try to remember your own unique face and eye shape.

More placement ideas here.



Spring is all about color, which means you should be wearing all the color this season. Black can not only be oppressive look, but once it gets hotter, it can also feel oppressively hot. We recommend you get out of your monochrome box. Check out this video Darin did discussing how to break out of the black and white box.



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